Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hawaii, We're Coming Today! And a Bit of Surprising Good News...

The day is here!!!!! I am getting on a plane this afternoon with this girl.
We are going to fly to Hawaii. Our nails are perfectly manicured, our bathing suits are packed, our tax money came in the mail. These girls are ready!! However before I go hop in the shower to get ready for the flight I want to give praise to God because he answered a huge prayer! I GOT A JOB!! 
I will be working in a real estate office as an assistant for an agent named Kristin. I am so excited to get started... after I take a Hawaiin vacation. Haha! I sound like such a Princess. But it really is these moments when you can reflect and realize how God has a plan for your life and how we need to get out of the driver's seat and just be his passenger. I want to go where God leads me. I want to follow Him to the best of my ability. And right now I want to give Him all the GLORY! 

To all my family and friends who have supported me, encouraged me, prayed for me and have listened to me doubt: Thank you for all you have done, I wouldn't have been able to persevere in the job hunt if it were not for you all. It was an incredibly humbling experience looking for a job, but I am confident that I will do great work at Keller Williams and with Kristin. I think my parents are just as excited as I am. hahaha! Next Step: Get an apartment with a friend! The unknowns in my life are starting to get crossed off my list. Praise the Lord!

Ok enough talk talk talk, time to put on my maxi dress, sandals and get on that plane!! Shannon and I will take lots of pictures don't you worry!

Love and Laterblogs---- I'm going to Hawaii!!!!!!


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