Friday, May 31, 2013

Seattle Bound

I'm going to Seattle this Weekend to see my dear friend Ali. Ali and I met my 3rd year at Oregon State, and we just became instant friends. She truly is one of the sweetest women I know, with such a passion for Christ and for others. I appreciate Ali not only for her bubbly spontaneity, but also for her ability to be a great friend. I'm excited to visit her and laugh all weekend (Ali if you are reading this, the pressure is on... to be funny). But really I'm excited to take some time to relax, hang out, have girl talk and catch up on life! The weather is even cooperating, so we can enjoy some sunshine in Seattle! So here is to Ali, and here is to a weekend up North! Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend!

Love and Seattle-Ness


Thursday, May 23, 2013

This One's for You Mom

We have a running joke going in the Moon household about the month of May being "The Month of Margaret/Mom" Not only is Mother's Day in May, but so is my mom's birthday, When I was at Oregon State, Mom's Weekend was always held in May. On top of all of that, Teacher Appreciation is in in the month of May, and my mama is a Kindergarten Teacher. So this is where the joke originates from and this is where I am drawing my inspiration. After we celebrated my mom's birthday last weekend, I got to thinking about the character of my mom and how blessed I am to have been raised by this woman. As a kid growing up I often compared my mom to other moms, and I was always the kid who wasn't allowed to do certain things because of my parent's rules. It drove me crazy as a kid! I wanted to watch certain movies, or go to certain parties, and I wasn't allowed. What I didn't know then but what I know now, is that my parents were being good protectors. What I know even beyond that is how much my parents loved me, by being so involved to give me guidelines and boundaries so I wouldn't get hurt or lose my innocence.
My mom is one of the strongest women I know. My mom lost both her parents before she was 24 years old (my age right now... I can't even imagine). My mom is a woman who exudes positivity at all times. She rarely if ever comes home from work in a bad mood, regardless of how stressed out she feels. It's this positivity that I not only struggle with but that I am so in awe of in my mom. Where my stressful days are often needed to be expressed, my mom just has a smile on her face and goes about her day knowing she has the joy of the Lord inside her. I want to be like that. I want to model after the mom God gave me. I am so thankful that my mom knew how to be a mom when I was a kid, and how she treats me like a friend now that I'm an adult. Something I don't know is why I, Katie Moon, was blessed enough to have the mom I do, and why others have to deal with the loss of their mom at a young age, or have an abusive mother, or an absent one etc. I won't know how God orchestrated it all until I get to Heaven, but I know my brother and I were so incredibly loved to be raised by this woman. She is loving being a Grandma, and she is so wonderful at it. I can't wait to one day have babies and see not only how great my mom will be with them, but also the ways that I take after her in strength and positivity. I only hope to be half the mom she has been! Thank you Lord, for blessing me with a woman of such wisdom, patience, and grace, you must really love me.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Update from this Working Girl

I am well aware that I haven't posted since Hawaii... SORRYYYYYYY!!!! I have been a busy working girl! The good news is that I am loving my new job. I enjoy staying busy, and it is satisfying to put in a hard day of work. Other than keeping busy at work, I have been spending good time with my family. Happy hour and coffee dates with friends as well.  The last couple months have been a big adjustment for me, and most days I have to wake up and choose joy. It hasn't been coming to me as freely as I am used to, and from most people I talk with they say that is pretty normal with the changes that have happened recently in my life. I continue to take one day at a time, and I continue to look forward to what is ahead! Praying my next big adjustment is in finding a potential town home for me and some friends! I'm feeling very ready to move out and be on my own again. Praying for roommates currently. My family the Denneys recently had two of their kids get married in the last month, so I have some pictures from that, and a few fun outfits from work. I thought it would be fun to list a few things I'm excited about this summer as well!

- Fast 6 Premier on Thursday... I can't help it, I love those movies... and Paul Walker (Don't Hate!!)
- Going to Seattle to visit my dear friend Ali Lavin in 2 weekends.
- St. Paul Rodeo
- Training for and running in the Sauvie Island 1/2 Marathon on the 4th of July!!
- Getting my Real Estate License
- Sunriver with my family
- Weddings (duh)
- Bridesmaid in Kylie's Wedding
- Potential new living situation

I'm sure there are other things, but that's what I have so far. Enjoy the photos of post Hawaii aka... my Hawaii sun tan is gone (wah wah).

 (Wedges: Target; Pants: H&M; Top: Nordstrom Rack; Necklace: Old Navy)

(Wedges: Nordstrom Rack; Skirt: H&M; Top: Target Tank; Sweater: Nordstrom Rack)

(Pants: Express; Top: Target Tank; Blazer: H&M; Necklace: Forever 21)

(The Moon's)

(My other mama, Cathy)

(Dancing with my Daddy)

(Ruv my dad) 

(Myke and Melinda)

(Mallie's Wedding)

 (Headed to Myke's Wedding)

 (my beautiful sister in law and baby nephew)

Love and Happy Monday!