Thursday, May 23, 2013

This One's for You Mom

We have a running joke going in the Moon household about the month of May being "The Month of Margaret/Mom" Not only is Mother's Day in May, but so is my mom's birthday, When I was at Oregon State, Mom's Weekend was always held in May. On top of all of that, Teacher Appreciation is in in the month of May, and my mama is a Kindergarten Teacher. So this is where the joke originates from and this is where I am drawing my inspiration. After we celebrated my mom's birthday last weekend, I got to thinking about the character of my mom and how blessed I am to have been raised by this woman. As a kid growing up I often compared my mom to other moms, and I was always the kid who wasn't allowed to do certain things because of my parent's rules. It drove me crazy as a kid! I wanted to watch certain movies, or go to certain parties, and I wasn't allowed. What I didn't know then but what I know now, is that my parents were being good protectors. What I know even beyond that is how much my parents loved me, by being so involved to give me guidelines and boundaries so I wouldn't get hurt or lose my innocence.
My mom is one of the strongest women I know. My mom lost both her parents before she was 24 years old (my age right now... I can't even imagine). My mom is a woman who exudes positivity at all times. She rarely if ever comes home from work in a bad mood, regardless of how stressed out she feels. It's this positivity that I not only struggle with but that I am so in awe of in my mom. Where my stressful days are often needed to be expressed, my mom just has a smile on her face and goes about her day knowing she has the joy of the Lord inside her. I want to be like that. I want to model after the mom God gave me. I am so thankful that my mom knew how to be a mom when I was a kid, and how she treats me like a friend now that I'm an adult. Something I don't know is why I, Katie Moon, was blessed enough to have the mom I do, and why others have to deal with the loss of their mom at a young age, or have an abusive mother, or an absent one etc. I won't know how God orchestrated it all until I get to Heaven, but I know my brother and I were so incredibly loved to be raised by this woman. She is loving being a Grandma, and she is so wonderful at it. I can't wait to one day have babies and see not only how great my mom will be with them, but also the ways that I take after her in strength and positivity. I only hope to be half the mom she has been! Thank you Lord, for blessing me with a woman of such wisdom, patience, and grace, you must really love me.



  1. Beautiful and honoring Kate~and so very true!!!

  2. Beautiful and honoring Kate~and so very true!!!

  3. Beautiful and honoring Kate~and so very true!!!