Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last Discipleship of the Year

We had our last discipleship group this morning with Jan. I'm excited to have finished an amazing year, but sad that my Tuesday mornings will no longer be spent with these awesome girls, and incredible Godly wisdom from a woman I really respect!  As I was sitting, listening, drinking my Starbucks (because did I mention that we meet at 6 AM, which means this girl is up by 5 on Tuesdays getting ready for work) I started thinking about the things that motivate the women in the room to come to this group every morning. The majority of the girls are single in our group. We are all roughly the same age, and we all share a similar interest in our futures; Wife-ness (?) and Motherhood. We all deeply desire those things. So I think the consensus was that us 20-something young women come to soak in the knowledge Jan has for us so that we can better ourselves to be great wives, and eventually great mommy's.
I also thought about what qualities we as women possess that make us beautiful to men. As women we desire deeply to be found attractive. Hello! This is why we wear makeup, and take forever to get ready, and spend (too much) money on new clothes, and buy the latest curling iron for our hair. But really, and truly, we want a man to find who we are, our spirit, our nature, our hearts to be the most attractive thing of all. This is why we go to Discipleship. We go to grow closer to the Father who created us. I want to know my Father so deeply. I want to know my Father who created my brown hair and blue eyes. He is the one who's opinion matters, but I also know He created a man on earth who's opinion will matter to me greatly too. So we go to Discipleship to grow more intimate with God, and to gain a better understanding of what laying your life down as a wife would look like. I'm excited for when that time comes, but I am content growing and waiting and surrendering now, until that time. Already can't wait for the fall so Discipleship can resume!

Love and Learning

 (Bout to go Line Dancin' with my hot pink lip butter that I adore. Ulta; "Miami")

 This is my best friend Danielle. She is BEAUTIFUL. Like literally the most beautiful person I know. So caring. So affectionate. So passionate. SO beautiful. I laugh with her. A LOT. K bye.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Typewriter

I think there is something romantic about the idea of writing an autobiography. You can of course make it as raw, true, real as you would like. You can also fabricate, elaborate and imagine slightly different realities for your life.
I have enjoyed dabbling with fashion posts. It was something I always wanted to get into, knowing full well that people were likely not taking notes from a basic accessorizer such as myself. None the less, I have fun posting outfits.
Lately, I have been fantasizing about the idea of writing an autobiography. Sitting down to write a real book about myself. I know what you're already thinking... who would even care to read it? And have you been alive long enough to write an autobiography? Well it's actually not the audience I care about. I once saw a movie titled "The Words." It has Bradley Cooper in it. There is a character in that movie who writes an autobiography (on his typewriter no less), that just excites the creativity inside me. Writing my book would be about the journey and the experience of writing the book, rather than about who reads it and what those people think.
Sometimes I forget my first love; Writing. Sometimes I forget the excitement that comes from words on a page, text on a screen. Sometimes I am too tired to take the time to write, but when I do I feel a sense of completion and a sense of pride.
So here is to spending some summer afternoons/evenings writing. It may be seen right here on my blog, in the privacy of my journal, or it might just be on pages and pages of white paper. Here is to summer inspiration and the joy of being young and loved by a God who created me to be who I am.

Love and Writing... (click clack ching)


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Selfies- Piggy-Back Post from Sarah Nelson

My blog post today is inspired by a friend of mine, Sarah Nelson. She posted yesterday on her blog about "selfies." Urban Dictionary defines "selfies" as: "An act usually carried out by girls aged 12-21, the act involves photos of one self while posing." Yikes... I'm 24. Guess I'm helping throw the average off.
 I am a supporter of selfie photos for the same reasons that Sarah talked about in her post. I think there are some women who post pictures of themselves as a cry for attention, but I think that is a great way that we as women can help boost their self esteem, or encourage them! For the other women who are more confident and post selfies of themselves, I say good for you! We as women need encouragement, and it feels good to hear someone say nice things about your outfit, or your new hair color, etc. Lets focus less on putting these women down/ analyzing why they do it, and just encourage them with a compliment. Compliments can make all the difference for people, and can make someones day. So instead of putting down, lets be encouragers!