Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Antone 2013

 The Antone is a property out in Eastern Oregon, that me and my fellow discipleship girls got to go to last weekend. What an incredible blessing it was to not only be there, but to share it with the incredible women that I got to. So many wonderful moments of laughter, so many great conversations, such beauty experienced through God's creation. It was so refreshing to be away, and to not have cell service or a to-do list. Getting away provides great perspective, and brought me closer to the Lord and closer to the girls I was with. So blessed, and so thankful for Jan and for the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing group of women. We have been mentored and prayed over, and are learning what it looks like to be a woman seeking God's heart. I am so thankful, and I can't wait until Discipleship starts back up in the fall.

(Thank you to Georgia for the pictures from the weekend)

Love and Seeking God's Heart


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