Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Update

Another fun/crazy weekend for the books! I love summer time! 
This week, look for a post on my trip to Sunriver (slightly overdue... sorry) and also pictures from my new house as promised!
For now, here are the pictures from the weekend. 

Jill's Bachelorette Party!

(My dear friend Georgia's Birthday was celebrated with a BBQ and some frozen yogurt. Gosh I love this woman. Don't know now what I'd do without her. So blessed  by her friendship)

 ("Hey guys, lets's make a pyramid..." -Me)

 (This is how I get dates...)

(Slightly more normal with my boo Christina)

(Heyyyy Ladiessssss!!!!)

(My favorite couple, the Derrah's at the Delbridge Wedding) 

(Shannon boo boo bear and I at the Delbridge Wedding)

(Some much needed rest and family time on Sunday evening, missed these two)

(My aunt Annie came over in her cute new convertible, so she took us for an evening drive, so fun!) 

Sami's Shenanigans

Love and Weekend Shenanigans!


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