Monday, September 30, 2013

She's Engaged!

Georgia, my beautiful Georgia girl is engaged! What a fun day to be able to be in Gig Harbor on Saturday to surprise this girl after she had just gotten proposed to! She walked into the pizza place and she lit up when she saw all of the people she loves there to support her and Keith. I love their love story, ask her sometime to tell it to you, because the Lord is in all of it. All. Of. It. God is so powerful and brilliant in the ways that He works. 

My dear friend I am so incredibly glad that you are in my life, and I cannot wait to join you in celebrating this marriage! I think the world of Keith and could not have asked for a more humble, loving and gracious man to provide for you, lead you, and protect you. Likewise will he be blessed by you and your ability to respect him and his decisions, support him in his mission and to love him with the spirit that lives so evidently inside of you. Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs. Watson, love you both!! 
The car ride down was a little dangerous... but we made it and it was SO worth it!

And she's all moved in
Love these women

Our car of ladies

That's my girl!

The beautiful ring!
Gosh they look good together. 

Oh... and I found another baby...

 Love and Georgia's Engaged!!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Last Weekend... and Karrson Koivisto

Last weekend I attended an OSU Young Life Fundraiser in Lake Oswego. A fun evening filled with dear friends from school, a great game (Beavs won... probably should have won by alot more, but that's not the point) and supporting a great Mission. I was apart of this mission when I lived in Corvallis so it's fun to be able to support that ministry in a different way now as an adult. The pictures are below. **Please note the photos of Karrson, I kind of threatened him saying that I would post these on my blog if he kept insisting on using my phone to take them... So sorry I'm not sorry Karrs!
What I Wore: Go Beavs Edition. Yes the wording on my tank top says "Oregon State."

My time at OSU would have been meaningless without this girl

My new Roommate Christina!!

The Calls

 Karrson Koivisto Everyone... Single, and quite a looker. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any interests.

Love and Fundraisers


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kylie's Wedding

The Bachelorette Herself
Dinner and Dancing for the Party
The Bride and her Sister Lauren
The Groom and his Bride-to-be

Setting up for the Wedding, and I got stuck babysitting. Hate when that happens...
Rehearsal Dinner

Dinner Spot at Sunset
Lunch before the Wedding
Makeup Time

So I found this puppy, considered stealing him, decided it was a better idea to put makeup on

Gosh she was Stunning

The Dress
The Makeup

My Beautiful Friend

 Love and She's a Phillips Now!


Friday, September 6, 2013

This One's for You Kylie

Time for another trip down Memory Lane my friends, won't you join me? Freshman year of college, Oregon State. My dear friend Katie Campbell invited me to a BBQ with her and her co-op. I decided to meet up with Katie before the BBQ so I could walk in with her. Katie had brought a friend with her, her name was Kylie. As I'm approaching these two girls I yell out to them "Hey Katie, it's me Katie Moon hey, Heyyyy, HEY"!!!! Immediately Kylie bursts out laughing and I knew right then and there we were friends. Anyone willing to laugh at my jokes was a friend of mine. I quickly learned that not only was Kylie one of the most unique people I had ever met, she was the most caring. Kylie was my friend who I would sit in coffee shops with (Dutch Bros) and dream. We would talk about boys and we would talk about our dreams. I would cry about how terrible I was doing in school, and Kylie would cry about how she took school too seriously. She helped motivate me and I helped calm her down to enjoy the ride a little bit more. Kylie would affirm me in who I was and what I had to offer. I would laugh hysterically at all her jokes and remind her of just how amazing she was.

Kylie is the most faithful friend I have. She puts her trust in Jesus and knows he will provide for her. I am unbelievably blessed to be apart of this wedding. I love this girl with all my heart and couldn't be more thrilled to watch her walk into this new season with her soon to be husband James. She will be moving to Portland as a nurse with James who will be going to school. So happy to have her close to me once again!

So Kylie this one's for you! Thank you for making me cry laughing and walking through life with me.
Thank you for encouraging me and lifting me up. Thank you for the deep conversations and for showing me what it looks like to be a true servant. I love you friend.

Ps. You're getting married tomorrow!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Love and #PhillipsWedding2013


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Well we all survived Shasta. 3 nights and 2 full days of sun, lounging, eating, wake boarding, swimming, reading books, singing, dancing, chit chatting, playing mafia, not sleeping, praying, time with the Lord and building friendships. How cliche' does that sound of Houseboat trips? Pretty cliche' I would say. However, it was much needed rest from not only my cell phone, but from the craziness of constant to-do lists. The cherry on top: Spending time with good friends who encourage you to be better. A better servant, a better friend, a better listener. I came away from the trip less self focused and felt like the Lord was so present with me encouraging me to lighten up. Sometimes I take life too seriously, and it's trips like Shasta that help me gain my perspective again. So for those of you reading this that were in attendance this weekend, thank you for your example of Christ and for dancing with me this weekend. The pics are below!

Me and my tank were ready for Shasta
We made it!

Loungin, sorry it's so blurry


Laughed with this guy all weekend

Karrs just has a way with words

Me and KG

Blessed to build this friendship while at Shasta

Captain McCormick taking us safely to shore

Great conversation during a decently long down and back car ride

Love and Houseboats