Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goodbye October

Jack and I went to a Halloween party at our friends Melissa and Shannon's house. It was fun getting dressed up and being with friends. Tonight Jack and I are planning on seeing our friend's baby dressed up and I will hopefully get to see Malachi in his skunk costume. Then probably heading back to my house to watch a scary movie! I just love scary movies, I can't help it. Especially if I get to cuddle up with boyfriend :) Happy Halloween friends, and Goodbye October!
Jack and Jill, ended up being a cute costume!
My best friend Adriana and her husband couldn't be cuter if they tried. I don't know a ton of couples who could pull this off quite like them Party on Garth, Party on Wayne!

Xena and Jill, makes sense...

Garth and Jill... unlikely friends

Xena Warrior Princess is trying to kill my boyfriend...
Love and Goodbye October


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