Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Malachi's Birthday Party- Where Does the Time Go?

Malachi's Birthday was fun and full of small children. Everywhere. Babies. Toddlers. Small children. Reaching into the candy jars. But my sister in law did such a great job at decorating and setting up, and the food was great! She is so crafty, I need to learn her ways for when I am a mama someday. But anyways the party was great, good friends and family and we enjoyed the rest of the day relaxing at mom and dads watching football and loving on our sweet little one year old. Where does the time go?

His dad WILL make him love basketball...

This cute guy came for the party even :)

I kind of failed in the picture taking department. Was more concerned with loving on my nephew than taking his picture. Whoops. Sorry friends, better luck at his 2 year!

Love and Where Does the Time Go??


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