Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Bubba's First Birthday!

Wow this year has flown by!! It feels like yesterday that I was sitting in the hospital with my family around me anticipating the birth of our sweet boy. I have never experienced the kind of fullness in my heart quite like the day I saw Malachi for the first time. We walked into the hospital room and he was just laying on my sister in law so content and tiny (well tiny in a healthy 8lbs 12.4oz kind of way). Then, my brother took him and layed him in his arms. The first time I saw my brother as a dad. It was incredible and emotional all at the same time. Understanding that Ben was in charge of protecting and providing for this tiny blessing. That God blessed him and Summer with such a gift, just brought me to tears. My brother so big in comparison to Malachi, and Malachi so precious I just couldn't take my eyes away from him. It was love. I felt it. I felt it literally inside of me. This feeling of wholeness. It was bizarre and wonderful all at once, and the Lord was in the thick of it all. We serve a mighty and gracious God. I can't wait to experience this again with the second baby Moon due in April. I am so blessed by being an Auntie, I love Malachi so much. I have posted pictures from his first year and will post pictures from his party next week.

I am overjoyed to get to celebrate you today my little bubba. You are the greatest blessing, and you make my heart and soul so happy. I am thankful for your goofy personality and your adorable laugh. I love your sweet kisses and the fact that you now know who I am. Happy 1st birthday baby, your Auntie KK loves you very much!

Waiting at the Hospital! 

Malachi's Dedication

(The Moon's- I am so blessed)

Great Aunt Liz

He dressed up for my birthday!

(Malachi and Great Grandpa Maynard)

Love and 1st Birthdays


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