Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Asking a Favor?!

Do you run? Are you wanting to get into running? Will you run with me? Please? I need running partners!

First Half Marathon: Seattle, November 2011
Second Half Marathon: Sauvie Island, July 2013
Third Half Marathon: Bald Peak, November 2013

By far my hardest half marathon so far was this last one running Bald Peak. Holy smokes... The race was either uphill or downhill. No in-between. Hardly any flat running at all. My knee was destroyed by the end of it, but also I think everyone racing that day felt the run was a big joke. I do not recommend this run for people out there looking for a half marathon. I definitely don't regret having run it, but I do not believe I will be running it in the future. Researching for my next half, let me know if you have any suggestions, or want to run with me! I need running Buddies!!!

Sure I'm all smiles because this was my BEFORE picture...

I have never been so excited to see a Finish Line before. 

My Biggest Fans Came Out to Support Me! Love Mom and Dad

"Holy cow that was the hardest run of my life." 

Mom: "Honey, smile." Me: "Mom I might puke..."
I Gots Myself a Medal!

 Love and Looking for My Next 1/2 Marathon! (Any suggestions let me know)


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