Monday, November 11, 2013

The One Where I Sold My Car and Got a New One

And when I say I sold my car I definitely mean sold for parts... Man, never thought I'd see the day that I would have to part from Roxy. When my dad sent me the picture of her being towed away I seriously wanted to cry. Who knew you could get so attached to a car? I do miss her. Mostly I will miss driving a stick shift. I learned to drive on a manual car, and I guess automatics just seem boring. A positive though: Driving to work in the morning and sipping coffee, not having to constantly change hands to shift. That and it makes sitting in traffic a little less awful and makes multi-tasking a lot easier. Otherwise I will forever miss the adolescence of shifting gears. It's like a turning of continual pages as I enter into fresh chapters as an adult. Too deep? Well that's the new season I'm in. The mere act of going to a credit union to take out a loan for my car was a shock to my "Am I really a grown up?..." way of thinking. I'm adult enough that they cheered for my great credit score and granted me access to thousands of dollars. Holy crap, when did I get this old? Is anyone else thinking that? Well anyways... the funniest ending to this story is that my parents bought a Honda for my mom, and they then sold me my mom's car. AKA, the same exact car Roxy was, same color, just 4 doors and an automatic. So it's as if a piece of her still remains. Fortunate, blessed and glad the hunt is over! 

See EXACTLY like my old one... 

Love and Finally My New Whip


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