Friday, December 20, 2013

All Things Coffee

I just need to share with you the pure joy that is spilling from my heart.  

Ok, so did you get a cup of coffee yet? Great, commence reading. I am picturing all of you curled up in bed with a warm cup of coffee or perhaps tea (coffee is better) reading your usual blogs in the morning. I am honored that you would stop by my page to catch up on my life and what God is doing through me. 

I would love to share with you what God is up to in my life because I want to give Him all the glory! This past week if you read my previous blog from Monday, you would know that I have been working in what we are calling our "temporary coffee shop." We have opened up a warm space to invite people to enjoy a free cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and pastries. The idea being that we don't lose customers and that we then get them excited about our new plans to re-open in what looks like February now. I have had the delight of subtly mentioning what God is at work doing, and how special this new coffee shop will be. I have gotten to pray over this space and I was even asked to pray over a woman this week who struggles with severe addiction. This coffee shop is so much  more than just a coffee shop. It is a place to come for healing, a place to feel the tangible love of Christ, and to dwell in His Almighty Presence. I am thrilled to work with Jesus followers who will bring the Kingdom of God in every late' they make and every table they wipe down. I have been called to serve this community of people and I want to do that with only Christ's love. My prayer is that people come to know the power of our beautiful Savior through coming to this coffee shop. Will you please come and make yourself at home here? That's what we want, we want people to feel safe, warm and at home. We could use prayer too as we finalize details and work through little snags. God will overcome every detail, but we appreciate prayers as we entrust all of this with Him. Please come say hi to me too! We will be closed the week of Christmas, but this temporary shop will be opened back up the following week 7:30 am to 2:00 pm. Praying these few days leading up to Christmas are not too stressful for you. 

Love and Joy That Runneth Over 


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