Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our MisAdventure

Friday night was Georgia's Bachelorette Party! And can I just say my roommate Christina and I quickly became delirious wandering around in the FREEZING cold trying to find the restaurant that WE picked for the party... Yeah we "hosted" the party and we were an HOUR late. Not our finest moment, and the girls were starting to worry about us. However let me just tell you about this "misadventure." Christina and I showed up downtown right at 7 when the party was supposed to start. We decided it was fastest to not look for parking and park in a garage and walk over to the Saucebox. WRONG. Well it could have been a good idea had we been walking in the appropriate direction while the wind is biting us in the face and our hands are turning pink. We were so turned around and quickly losing our minds as frostbite started to claim our nose and hands. We had to go into random restaurants along the way to warm our hands, wipe our noses, and gain clarity with our stupid i-phones. (ok, ok, I realize we are the dumb ones, not the phone) As we continued to fight our way to the Saucebox in our tights, HIGH heels and less than appropriate winter wear, we found ourselves laughing at the situation with just how miserable we were. We wanted to cry, and quit but instead we laughed and kept walking. Tops of the boxes for Georgia's presents were flying into the road as we watched car after car crush the lids. Ribbons that were once placed and tied so nicely were now decorating the streets of Portland. It was a nightmare!! We finally walked our frozen selves into the Saucebox 10 minutes before 8, and 2 seconds before Georgia walked in. Our hair was misplaced our noses pink and running but we made it. Everyone else seemed to have found street parking right outside... That's the last time my first resort is garage parking. I learned my lesson. 

Blazer: Nordstrom Rack; Dress, Belt & Necklace: Forever 21; Tights: Fred Meyer; Booties: Some store at Pioneer Place

Pictures taken before the misadventure when I felt pretty...

Love and Getting Lost in 20 Degree Weather


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