Monday, January 27, 2014

Last Weekend

Well let me just start by saying what a great weekend it twas. Man Oregon just really redeems itself quick when the weather is sunny in January. Like an unexpected present. Because the weather was bright and cheery, Katie felt bright and cheery! 

Friday night we kicked off the weekend at our 3rd training in the Pearl at Nossa Familia. The 5 of us were ready to get this whole steaming the milk, the right kind of foam, pulling the perfect shot, latte art business down! We were amped up! But seriously we were so amped by all the espresso we had to taste. Training was great though! We will be experts by the time we open! It has been a blast getting to know my fellow employees better, and all this bonding really has been so beneficial. 

Saturday I got to spend the morning with my dear friend Jessica who I lived with in Corvallis for two years. She makes me laugh. I showed her around the village a little, and then we sat outside at New Seasons as we basked in the beautiful sunshine. After coffee and lunch with Jess, I met up with Georgia and Kristin for awhile. Made my heart so full to see dear friends and spend quality time with them catching up on life. Then went from Progress Ridge to Mel's house to relax, make dinner and watch a movie. 

Sunday I worked in the toddler room and then attended church. From church I went to Evan's for a 4 miler run. My knees struggled a bit but my heart felt so strong. It was such a beautiful day for a run in the park. We ran in Cook Park to Tualitin Park. So good. So needed. Hung at the guys house for a bit and then went to Costco to purchase a mattress topper!!!! FINALLY!!! You guys... you have no idea how long I have waited and complained. My mattress is garbage. But... my topper is not garbage. It is great. So very great. I saved for this bad boy and slept last night like a babay. Do yourself a favor and get one. $100.00 at Costco. Then Mel, Christina and I watched the Bachelor Wedding. It was a great weekend. Relaxing and fulfilling. So good. 

Savannah Boo Boo

KG showing us up on the Espresso Making
Ombre' Sistasssss
These two are going to bring laughter to Well & Good. Yup. 

Love these two so so so much

Everyone: Go get one of these right now. RIGHT now. Costco. It will change your life.. or at least your night sleep..

Love and a Weekend Worth Repeating


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Day in the Life Of...

Such a Diva

1. I always start my day with coffee (a little creamer...ok a lot of creamer) and Jesus

2. I am almost always wearing lipstick these days. I guess that means I'm getting old 

3. I have arthritis in my knees... I guess that means I'm getting old... again 

4. If I didn't have arthritis I would run 5 days/week and would be training for my next half marathon 

5. I am an auntie of one precious boy, soon to be two coming in April

6. I love salads and sweet potato fries, sometimes together and with a hard cider

7. Whatever you do, do NOT hide my planner, steal my planner or write in my planner

8. Every 6 months or so I crave California... not sure how else to explain it. It's probably Vitamin D     I'm actually craving

9. I have this romantic dream of traveling to Paris to sit in a cafe and write all day long. It has to be   Paris

10. My deepest desire is to be a wife and a mama one day

11. Relationships with others gives me life

12. If you know me, you know I dance

13. I don't like airplanes, cats, sushi, getting out of hot showers and math

14. Hand me a baby and I will likely not give the baby back (fair warning)

15. Sometimes you have to make me do things out of my comfort zone and 9 times out of 10 I will       love whatever it is you had me do. (Example: Wake surfing, jumping off high rocks,trying a new         restaurant)

16. I have a lot of nicknames; My family calls me Kater, Sis, Auntie KK, KK, Sissy Kate, Kate, Katie Gwen. You can call me Katie, it would be weird if you called me Sis...

17. My blog is my creative outlet, so thanks for taking the time to read it because every time you do you are supporting my art

Love and Now You Know Me a Little Better


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Remodel

This is my hangout until the remodel is finished. Making big strides forward, even started training last week in the Pearl at Nossa Familia. They will be supplying our coffee beans, so go check them out (13th and Johnson)! They are incredible at explaining coffee with such a passion that you leave wanting to know more, and with a greater respect for the art of coffee. Coffee is a lot more complicated than I thought but I am eager to learn more and to feel confident making drinks. Excited to see what God does with this coffee shop, and how he uses me in this. I have so much peace knowing this is where I'm supposed to be. I am also so grateful for the people working with me because these people are all incredible in their own way. You guys have to come see this place once it's finished. It will be the hang out. No doubt in my mind. 

Ma Gurls
Love and Remodels


Monday, January 20, 2014

Chasing the Sunrise

Since I have been opening the coffee shop for the last month, I have been witnessing more and more sunrises. Half of my drive into work in the morning I drive toward the rising sun and I always feel like I'm chasing it. When people play the "would you rather game," they say "would you rather see a sunrise or a sunset?" My answer is always the same, a sunrise. A sunrise has so much promise. In Oregon a beautiful sunrise often means a beautiful day is coming. There is so much hope in a sunrise. Hope for a fresh start, hope for a morning spent with Jesus and a good cup of coffee. Hope for a day of kindness towards others, hope that I am a little less like myself and more like Jesus. Hope for excitement and thrill. Hope for beauty and butterflies in my tummy. 

It also makes me think about the people who chase metaphoric sunrises. They chase dreams, they chase a girlfriend/boyfriend, the perfect outfit, the better job, the nicer car. That's all it ever is though right? A chase. A moment of beauty, of satisfaction of contentment. Maybe, just maybe they do get their hands on the better job but the satisfaction doesn't hang around. Pretty soon that job isn't good enough anymore, so they continue chasing their sunrise. 

I am guilty of this. I think I'm brave enough to say we all are in some way. We all have ideas and dreams we chase after. I'm not saying it isn't ok to dream, but I am saying that if your dreams aren't in line with what God has for you I think you will be disappointed. God is teaching me right now what it means to hold my dreams with open hands. I am tired of chasing sunrise after sunrise. I want to chase Jesus. I want to be more like him. He is worth the chase. And I will let you in on a secret, you will seek Him and find Him when you seek Him with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

Love and The Chase


Friday, January 17, 2014

Holy Jeans

Oh man, I was looking at my fashion board on Pinterest and quickly noticed a theme...Apparently I would like to own a pair of well worn holy jeans! Where do I find such gems? Or... do I make them myself? Any advice? I like that they are flared at the bottom too. I would love these for spring/summer. Wear some cute v-neck shirts or casual shirts with it and maybe throw on a baseball hat. I'm just loving this look right now! I'm on a mission to find a pair of these lovelies. Help much appreciated.

Love and Holiness


Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Good News, and the Bad News

So that is my left knee. The white squiggly line you see is my cartilage. Which is the first part of my good news. I HAVE cartilage. Really thought they were going to tell me I had no cartilage left. Secondly, I have no tears and DO NOT need surgery!!! Praise Jesus!! So the bad news: I have osteoarthritis in both of my knees. These knees are showing the wear and tear of a 25 year old athlete. This was the first x-ray I have ever received, which is a praise in itself after the many years I played sports year round. My doctor said I should start receiving knee injections, however my bank account said otherwise. So for the time being I am taking supplements to help with the discomfort. I think the hardest part for me to accept in all of this is the fact that I have to take it easier than I have been. If I want to chase my kiddos around, and take them for hikes, if I want to wander the streets of Paris with my love, go ice skating, wakeboard, ever run another mile, I HAVE to take care of my knees starting now. Which if I am being transparent with you, I am not good at taking care of my body like I should. When people tell me to ice things I think of it as a suggestion. Even last night I told Adriana I was going to ice my knee after lifting... guess what I did instead? Laundry. Laundry somehow made it to the top of my priorities over taking care of my poor 60 year old woman knees. Fail. I have got to work on this. Overall I am choosing to thank Jesus for the news I received because I really thought I was going to find myself on an operating table sometime this year. Biggest bummer is that I don't think running 2/3 half marathons a year is going to cut it. Might have to look into doing more 10/15Ks. Those typically cost less though which is awesome! I am blessed. Period. Really I wanted to show you my x-ray because it was kinda cool getting to see my bones... is that weird? Oh... k sorry. Well cheers to making this a great day!

Love and Icing


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dreaming this Afternoon

I am simply day dreaming today. Dreaming of being cooped up in a cabin somewhere deep in the woods with loved ones. Fire blazing, a good book and board games. The smell of a delicious meal filling the cabin. Maybe make it out of the cabin to go for a bundled up walk in the snow. Maybe go into town for a cup of coffee, but then think twice about leaving. Just wanting to be away and be quiet. To be with people but to sit in silence in the mornings as I listen to my Jesus speak to my heart. A girl can dream right? Perhaps someday I will have a cabin of my very own to retreat to... 

Love and Day Dreaming


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Killer Kellar Wedding

Is she not incredibly beautiful?

The Kellar wedding was stunning. The building, the food, the decorations, the party; all exceptional. How fun is it to see a friend's dreams come to fruition? I remember when she was patiently waiting for Will, and to hear her love for him and then to witness the ultimate declaration of love was simply magical. To see the love in Will's eyes as Kara his bride walked gracefully toward him. A man must be so overcome with so many different emotions in that moment. I think that moment is my favorite though. To see these men (who used to be more into hanging with their "bros" than hanging out with one woman) desire one woman, and then to profess that love in front of the people that mean the most to them. It is a beautiful picture. I sat in the audience that evening thinking about how I long to be the bride in the white dress. I long for the man at the end of the aisle to look me in the eyes and speak words of honesty of his desire to make me his wife. It is such an honor to attend weddings and witness these grooms look at my friends in this way. It often brings tears to my eyes as they promise to provide and protect these women I love. I am so fortunate to watch these men love these women well and Will is no exception. I can see the love he has for Kara in every kiss, in every smile, in every hand held moment he spends with her. So here is to you Mr. and Mrs. Kellar, may you grow more and more in love with Christ first, each other second and may you humbly accept the plan he has for you as husband and wife. Praying blessing over this marriage, and happy honeymooning!

Love and a Killer Kellar Wedding


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I have this deep desire to be lovely. To have a lovely home, to display lovely things,to be lovely in spirit, to offer lovely words, to smell lovely to simply be lovely. So I go on Pinterest to find the latest tutorial on how to curl my hair just right so it frames my face. I seek photographs of homes that display warmth and style. I go to Macy's and sample new perfumes. I take mental notes when I see the fashion of a pretty woman. I spend ample time at the gym. Mostly though, I read scripture and mediate on what it means to model Christ who is the epitome of lovely. Being a God of strength and power but Jesus being the example of grace, humility and sweetness. Jesus embodies the term lovely. He is who I want to be most like. I am blessed in this life to have older women that surround me and show me beauty. I have my mom who is patient, kind and selfless. She smells lovely and so does her home. You will enter the Moon household and immediately experience warmth and I credit that to my mom. If you go to Cathy's house in Redmond you will intake the aroma of incredible home cooked meals and baked goods. You will be greeted by golden retrievers and a lovely smile as Cathy invites you into her home. If you go to Lynette's house in Happy Valley you will see her lovely touches in her decor and in the way she pours into being a lovely hostess. This woman offers a kind invitation to make yourself at home (which I often have) and to stay as long as you like. If you spend time with Jan you will experience her ability to speak lovely words into your life and to lift you up. Her closeness to our Creator produces the most lovely spirit that is undeniable about this woman.

I consider myself blessed to know these women, and there are so many other lovely women that I know, and that you yourself are thinking of now as you read this. I am so grateful God created lovely things. I am grateful that as a woman it is my job to display loveliness. I am learning every day what it means for me Katie to be lovely. My ultimate hope and desire is for my lovely spirit to shine through first and foremost. Having a lovely home with candles lit, floors swept, chicken in the oven and a fire going is secondary to my heart following in Jesus' footsteps. I don't think there is anything wrong with working hard to be lovely externally, but my prayer is that I first seek a lovely spirit and one that is in line with God's will for my life. When we walk in line with God's will for our lives I think loveliness inevitably flows out through your tongue and is dwelling in every nook and cranny of your home. It will drift into the words you use to love on others, and it will be present with you as you invite people into your home and into your life.  

Lord will you help me display more loveliness in this new year?! Will you continue to speak through me with words of grace and truth? Will you help me to be inviting and will you please please help me with my cooking?! I want those around me to be blessed by you, THROUGH me. Will you use me?! Will you help me to display loveliness in all things that I do? Will you use the loveliness I posses now to bless others around me? Thank you Father for being the ultimate example of what it is to be lovely. 

Love and Loveliness


Monday, January 6, 2014

Holiday Recap Via Photos

Daddy and baby boy

Pretty sister pants 

My handsome brudder
Off to Jan's Christmas Tea 

She's obsessed with me... clearly. 

My cousin, my sister, my friend. 

Got to briefly see this babe on Christmas Eve at the Schnitz with A Jesus Church

My most favorite boy!
Spent my birthday shopping and got pedicures with my mama. So blessed by her as a mom and a friend

Small packages often hold the best gifts 
Even got to see Matt and Amanda at BW! I don't know that girl in the background, but I want to be her friend...


This girl brings a smile to my face, every time

The Holidays are always so fun, but I am always a little relieved when they are over. Time to take a breath and focus on the coffee shop now. Cheers to 2014, big things are in store I just know it! 

Love and 2014 Whats Upppp??!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Companion Series: Danielle


It seems only fitting to start my Companion series with my best friend. Have you met her? This is Danielle Denay Wells. She is beauty wrapped in deep desire to be known. Danielle is the most intentional person I have ever met. If you are talking to Danielle, she is listening. I mean REALLY listening. She strives hard to make people feel like they are heard, and that they matter. Danielle is full of emotion and passion. Danielle's intensity for life and love flows from the spirit of Jesus that lives inside her. I have known Danielle since elementary school, and she and I have a relationship similar to sisters. Many people will say that I remind them of Danielle and vice versa but truth be told we are very different. It is the differences that make us compatible I think. We balance one another out, and provide insight for each other when life doesn't always make sense. Danielle is the one I sat dreaming with on my front porch in Corvallis holding coffee in the early mornings. She is the one I begin laughing with, and end crying with. This woman is necessary in my life. This woman God brought to me for deep companionship in an utterly lonely world. The woman who will stand by my side as my Maid of Honor someday. The woman who will be at the hospital when I gaze upon the face of my first born. The woman who I will continue to sit on front porches with until we have grey hair and wrinkles all over from a life well lived. This woman is the definition of femininity in how she sweetly cares for others and offers a nurturing hand to help when she is called. I love this woman, and if you know her then I know you do too. It is this woman who I call best friend, but it is this woman who is truly my sister. 

I thank God for you. I have laughed with you since we were kids, and I have shared with you the deepest intimacies of my life. No other being on this earth knows my heart in the same way you do. The bond and trust we share is incomparable to anyone else I know. Judgement has no place in our relationship because you are my sister who I dearly love. I pray for you, and I long for you to see yourself as others see you: wholly beautiful, completely understanding and entirely filled with the Spirit of Christ. I will love you all the days I am here with you, and then into eternity together. Thank you for being my deepest companion. 

Love Moon