Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Killer Kellar Wedding

Is she not incredibly beautiful?

The Kellar wedding was stunning. The building, the food, the decorations, the party; all exceptional. How fun is it to see a friend's dreams come to fruition? I remember when she was patiently waiting for Will, and to hear her love for him and then to witness the ultimate declaration of love was simply magical. To see the love in Will's eyes as Kara his bride walked gracefully toward him. A man must be so overcome with so many different emotions in that moment. I think that moment is my favorite though. To see these men (who used to be more into hanging with their "bros" than hanging out with one woman) desire one woman, and then to profess that love in front of the people that mean the most to them. It is a beautiful picture. I sat in the audience that evening thinking about how I long to be the bride in the white dress. I long for the man at the end of the aisle to look me in the eyes and speak words of honesty of his desire to make me his wife. It is such an honor to attend weddings and witness these grooms look at my friends in this way. It often brings tears to my eyes as they promise to provide and protect these women I love. I am so fortunate to watch these men love these women well and Will is no exception. I can see the love he has for Kara in every kiss, in every smile, in every hand held moment he spends with her. So here is to you Mr. and Mrs. Kellar, may you grow more and more in love with Christ first, each other second and may you humbly accept the plan he has for you as husband and wife. Praying blessing over this marriage, and happy honeymooning!

Love and a Killer Kellar Wedding


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