Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Companion Series: Danielle


It seems only fitting to start my Companion series with my best friend. Have you met her? This is Danielle Denay Wells. She is beauty wrapped in deep desire to be known. Danielle is the most intentional person I have ever met. If you are talking to Danielle, she is listening. I mean REALLY listening. She strives hard to make people feel like they are heard, and that they matter. Danielle is full of emotion and passion. Danielle's intensity for life and love flows from the spirit of Jesus that lives inside her. I have known Danielle since elementary school, and she and I have a relationship similar to sisters. Many people will say that I remind them of Danielle and vice versa but truth be told we are very different. It is the differences that make us compatible I think. We balance one another out, and provide insight for each other when life doesn't always make sense. Danielle is the one I sat dreaming with on my front porch in Corvallis holding coffee in the early mornings. She is the one I begin laughing with, and end crying with. This woman is necessary in my life. This woman God brought to me for deep companionship in an utterly lonely world. The woman who will stand by my side as my Maid of Honor someday. The woman who will be at the hospital when I gaze upon the face of my first born. The woman who I will continue to sit on front porches with until we have grey hair and wrinkles all over from a life well lived. This woman is the definition of femininity in how she sweetly cares for others and offers a nurturing hand to help when she is called. I love this woman, and if you know her then I know you do too. It is this woman who I call best friend, but it is this woman who is truly my sister. 

I thank God for you. I have laughed with you since we were kids, and I have shared with you the deepest intimacies of my life. No other being on this earth knows my heart in the same way you do. The bond and trust we share is incomparable to anyone else I know. Judgement has no place in our relationship because you are my sister who I dearly love. I pray for you, and I long for you to see yourself as others see you: wholly beautiful, completely understanding and entirely filled with the Spirit of Christ. I will love you all the days I am here with you, and then into eternity together. Thank you for being my deepest companion. 

Love Moon

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  1. Precious and so honoring....reminds me of how I feel about your, love, love you!