Monday, January 6, 2014

Holiday Recap Via Photos

Daddy and baby boy

Pretty sister pants 

My handsome brudder
Off to Jan's Christmas Tea 

She's obsessed with me... clearly. 

My cousin, my sister, my friend. 

Got to briefly see this babe on Christmas Eve at the Schnitz with A Jesus Church

My most favorite boy!
Spent my birthday shopping and got pedicures with my mama. So blessed by her as a mom and a friend

Small packages often hold the best gifts 
Even got to see Matt and Amanda at BW! I don't know that girl in the background, but I want to be her friend...


This girl brings a smile to my face, every time

The Holidays are always so fun, but I am always a little relieved when they are over. Time to take a breath and focus on the coffee shop now. Cheers to 2014, big things are in store I just know it! 

Love and 2014 Whats Upppp??!!

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