Monday, January 27, 2014

Last Weekend

Well let me just start by saying what a great weekend it twas. Man Oregon just really redeems itself quick when the weather is sunny in January. Like an unexpected present. Because the weather was bright and cheery, Katie felt bright and cheery! 

Friday night we kicked off the weekend at our 3rd training in the Pearl at Nossa Familia. The 5 of us were ready to get this whole steaming the milk, the right kind of foam, pulling the perfect shot, latte art business down! We were amped up! But seriously we were so amped by all the espresso we had to taste. Training was great though! We will be experts by the time we open! It has been a blast getting to know my fellow employees better, and all this bonding really has been so beneficial. 

Saturday I got to spend the morning with my dear friend Jessica who I lived with in Corvallis for two years. She makes me laugh. I showed her around the village a little, and then we sat outside at New Seasons as we basked in the beautiful sunshine. After coffee and lunch with Jess, I met up with Georgia and Kristin for awhile. Made my heart so full to see dear friends and spend quality time with them catching up on life. Then went from Progress Ridge to Mel's house to relax, make dinner and watch a movie. 

Sunday I worked in the toddler room and then attended church. From church I went to Evan's for a 4 miler run. My knees struggled a bit but my heart felt so strong. It was such a beautiful day for a run in the park. We ran in Cook Park to Tualitin Park. So good. So needed. Hung at the guys house for a bit and then went to Costco to purchase a mattress topper!!!! FINALLY!!! You guys... you have no idea how long I have waited and complained. My mattress is garbage. But... my topper is not garbage. It is great. So very great. I saved for this bad boy and slept last night like a babay. Do yourself a favor and get one. $100.00 at Costco. Then Mel, Christina and I watched the Bachelor Wedding. It was a great weekend. Relaxing and fulfilling. So good. 

Savannah Boo Boo

KG showing us up on the Espresso Making
Ombre' Sistasssss
These two are going to bring laughter to Well & Good. Yup. 

Love these two so so so much

Everyone: Go get one of these right now. RIGHT now. Costco. It will change your life.. or at least your night sleep..

Love and a Weekend Worth Repeating


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