Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I have this deep desire to be lovely. To have a lovely home, to display lovely things,to be lovely in spirit, to offer lovely words, to smell lovely to simply be lovely. So I go on Pinterest to find the latest tutorial on how to curl my hair just right so it frames my face. I seek photographs of homes that display warmth and style. I go to Macy's and sample new perfumes. I take mental notes when I see the fashion of a pretty woman. I spend ample time at the gym. Mostly though, I read scripture and mediate on what it means to model Christ who is the epitome of lovely. Being a God of strength and power but Jesus being the example of grace, humility and sweetness. Jesus embodies the term lovely. He is who I want to be most like. I am blessed in this life to have older women that surround me and show me beauty. I have my mom who is patient, kind and selfless. She smells lovely and so does her home. You will enter the Moon household and immediately experience warmth and I credit that to my mom. If you go to Cathy's house in Redmond you will intake the aroma of incredible home cooked meals and baked goods. You will be greeted by golden retrievers and a lovely smile as Cathy invites you into her home. If you go to Lynette's house in Happy Valley you will see her lovely touches in her decor and in the way she pours into being a lovely hostess. This woman offers a kind invitation to make yourself at home (which I often have) and to stay as long as you like. If you spend time with Jan you will experience her ability to speak lovely words into your life and to lift you up. Her closeness to our Creator produces the most lovely spirit that is undeniable about this woman.

I consider myself blessed to know these women, and there are so many other lovely women that I know, and that you yourself are thinking of now as you read this. I am so grateful God created lovely things. I am grateful that as a woman it is my job to display loveliness. I am learning every day what it means for me Katie to be lovely. My ultimate hope and desire is for my lovely spirit to shine through first and foremost. Having a lovely home with candles lit, floors swept, chicken in the oven and a fire going is secondary to my heart following in Jesus' footsteps. I don't think there is anything wrong with working hard to be lovely externally, but my prayer is that I first seek a lovely spirit and one that is in line with God's will for my life. When we walk in line with God's will for our lives I think loveliness inevitably flows out through your tongue and is dwelling in every nook and cranny of your home. It will drift into the words you use to love on others, and it will be present with you as you invite people into your home and into your life.  

Lord will you help me display more loveliness in this new year?! Will you continue to speak through me with words of grace and truth? Will you help me to be inviting and will you please please help me with my cooking?! I want those around me to be blessed by you, THROUGH me. Will you use me?! Will you help me to display loveliness in all things that I do? Will you use the loveliness I posses now to bless others around me? Thank you Father for being the ultimate example of what it is to be lovely. 

Love and Loveliness


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  1. Precious Kate! As usual your blogs inspire me and bring good tears to my eyes. You ARE lovely...inside and out! P.S. Love the photo above...such a cute dress on an absolutely lovely lady!