Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Good News, and the Bad News

So that is my left knee. The white squiggly line you see is my cartilage. Which is the first part of my good news. I HAVE cartilage. Really thought they were going to tell me I had no cartilage left. Secondly, I have no tears and DO NOT need surgery!!! Praise Jesus!! So the bad news: I have osteoarthritis in both of my knees. These knees are showing the wear and tear of a 25 year old athlete. This was the first x-ray I have ever received, which is a praise in itself after the many years I played sports year round. My doctor said I should start receiving knee injections, however my bank account said otherwise. So for the time being I am taking supplements to help with the discomfort. I think the hardest part for me to accept in all of this is the fact that I have to take it easier than I have been. If I want to chase my kiddos around, and take them for hikes, if I want to wander the streets of Paris with my love, go ice skating, wakeboard, ever run another mile, I HAVE to take care of my knees starting now. Which if I am being transparent with you, I am not good at taking care of my body like I should. When people tell me to ice things I think of it as a suggestion. Even last night I told Adriana I was going to ice my knee after lifting... guess what I did instead? Laundry. Laundry somehow made it to the top of my priorities over taking care of my poor 60 year old woman knees. Fail. I have got to work on this. Overall I am choosing to thank Jesus for the news I received because I really thought I was going to find myself on an operating table sometime this year. Biggest bummer is that I don't think running 2/3 half marathons a year is going to cut it. Might have to look into doing more 10/15Ks. Those typically cost less though which is awesome! I am blessed. Period. Really I wanted to show you my x-ray because it was kinda cool getting to see my bones... is that weird? Oh... k sorry. Well cheers to making this a great day!

Love and Icing


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