Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Challenging Week But...


Monday morning I went to the grocery store like usual to get supplies to open the coffee shop. Like a dummy, I left my wallet sitting in the shopping cart as I drove away. It wasn't until 5 hours later I realized it was missing. I raced back to see if my wallet had been turned in and it had not. Quickly after that I made phone calls to cut off all of my credit cards/debit cards. A while after that I went into the bank to speak with a banker making sure my credit card got shut off. While I was at the bank 3 transactions showed up on my account that were by no means purchased by me. It was in that moment that I really lost my stomach. It was confirmed that not only was my wallet stolen but it was in the hands of someone actually willing to spend my hard earned money. The NERVE! How, why, but seriously WHY would someone do this?! I filed a police report and the cops got to work visiting the places this man was spending my money. The next day (yesterday) I met with the police to look at photos they had recovered from the cameras around town. I didn't recognize the guy, but the cops didn't think I would. They suspect he was trying to buy product to trade for drugs. How sad. This man is broken and hurting, that he needs to steal from a 25 year old woman to get a fix. My heart breaks for this man. It doesn't change the fact that I want my social security card back, and my license and my gift cards. But I do know the Lord has really shown up this week in terms of comforting me.

My dear friend Kristin Gregory has been with me at the coffee shop all this week. When I realized my wallet was missing, and then when I realized it was stolen. She was there while I spoke with the police and she has been such an incredible blessing to me. Yesterday Kristin handed me a box, assuring me it "was nothing much." I opened the box and sitting inside was a brand new wallet and a replacement gift card to Charming Charlies that had been in my stolen wallet. My eyes immediately filled with tears and I felt so incredibly loved in that moment. Her act of kindness was not small in my eyes and it was incredibly generous and thoughtful to say the least. Later that evening I found a $20 bill sitting in my purse pocket from an anonymous person, and Savannah brought me my favorite candy this morning. I am feeling so loved as I struggle through what's next in this process. Made me think about how God is using me to bless others and I want to make sure that I am listening to his whispers about how to be a blessing. Grateful for the friends and family helping me walk through this.

God is giving me peace and assurance, but I would love and appreciate prayer for protection. I have no idea what this man's intentions are with my wallet, but I am praying it is no further than trying to spend my money. Thank you friends for your support and prayers!

Love and Protection



  1. So sorry to hear about this Kate! That is such a bummer and violation! Glad to hear of the beauty from the ashes! God IS so good! I'll be praying! Love you!