Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Companion Series: Christina


Allow me the pleasure of introducing my friend and roommate Christina. This woman is full of subtle strength. This woman is full of grace, and she brings so much laughter into my life. Christina is one of those people who you rarely if ever find in a bad mood. You know those kind of people? You envy them, you envy their ability to focus on the positives in life. I look to Christina for this exact encouragement. That no matter what happens, she will find the good and not dwell on the bad. 
She is the kind of friend that I would come home to after a hard day at work and she would help me forget the day. We can just laugh together and find the joy in life. She is a great companion and one that I am fortunate enough to grow with and learn from. She has the best sayings. I call them "Christina-isms." If you know her, you have experienced these sayings in one way or another. Like "Oh that's cute..." meant to be taken in total sarcasm. 
I hope you all have a Christina in your life that can lighten any moment, and bring life to any circumstance.  I am learning so much from living with her, and I'm so privileged to get to live life with her. She is sharpening me, and teaching me how to be a woman of grace and of kindness. Grateful for her example.


Thank you for putting up with me as a mildly OCD roommate. Thanks for making me laugh when at times I want to cry. I am so glad you are the one I share a hallway with, bathroom with and a couch with on most evenings. You make our home warm and inviting and I am so enjoying getting to know your heart, and getting to know your passions. We have only recently become friends but I know you will be a friend for a lifetime. Love you dear, thanks for making me better and for loving me in my ugly moments. 

Love Moon Dog

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