Monday, February 17, 2014

Time For an Update

Sorry I missed blogging last week, it has been a little crazy lately. With that said, this weekend was much needed. The weeks spent at the coffee shop have been very productive but we are putting in long hours. Because of that I told myself I wasn't allowed to have much of an agenda for the weekend. Just wanted to spend time doing some of my favorite things. So Saturday I had no alarm set for the morning. Once I started stirring I put on a pot of coffee (duh) and sat in my leather chair curled up with a blanket and my favorite book. I sat and spent time with my Father, and just rested in His love. Later went for a long run in the park and cleaned around the house. THEN... I went shopping. You guys I can't even handle how much I love Old Navy. Everything in their store was 30% off yesterday so I got a few fun new things that I'm sure will make an appearance on the blog soon. Then after a fun afternoon of some needed alone time, I went back to the house to get ready for Christina's birthday. It was such a fun night with friends and even got to hang with Georgia for a bit! 
Sunday me and the other managers (Savannah and Kristin) had the honor of attending all 3 services at Colossae as Chuck the lead pastor introduced our up and coming non-profit coffee house Well & Good. The church body got to hear about the excitement of it all and Chuck prayed over us as missionaries sent out into the Tigard Community. Sunday was restful and entirely necessary. A weekend well spent and now another week of training ahead! Finally started mixing in hearts with my latte art and I am prepared to master my milk steaming abilities and only better my art! I promise to post photos of my lattes soon! 

The Birthday Girl

Awkward Lighting with my Georgia Girl

Love and Birthday Parties


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