Monday, March 31, 2014

All the New-ness in My Life

You can insert the "I told you so's" here. I suppose it was in-evan-table.

My baby boy came to visit Auntie at work

Life has been breezing by lately. I honestly have no clue where March went, as we say hello to April tomorrow! I am loving the spring in Oregon as I usually do, and am trying to catch my breath from time to time to intake the new blossoms and the budding trees. I haven't been able to blog as much as I normally like, so I apologize for this delayed update.

The coffee house has been officially opened for two weeks now! Well & Good is such a blessing even though at times I feel pretty exhausted. My body and my schedule are still acclimating to my new working hours. I think the hardest part is finding time for friends, family and Evan. I know you all are being patient with me and I appreciate that, and I also LOVE when you surprise me at the coffee house. What a fun perk to my job. Anytime I come in for a shift, it never fails that friends are sitting by the fireplace, or come in just to say hi and grab a latte to head back to work. I think that might make my job the best ever.

Aside from coffee talk, my sister-in-law is one week away from her due date with baby Max!! Oh my, can't believe how soon our family dynamic will shift once again with a precious new baby boy. I am so excited to see Malachi as a big brother. To watch him learn how to love and protect his newest family member. To teach Max things, and to make Max smile. I can't wait to hold that little baby in my arms and just ooh and ahh over how incredible God's creations are. Being an aunt is the best gift ever.

One of my favorite things about the spring, is Baseball. I need to get tickets to a Beaver game soon. So much fun on a sunny day! Maybe Evan and I could make a day of it. The spring just gets me excited for all of the outdoor activities there are and the pure adventure of it! Hikes, new trails to run on, sporting events, warm evenings with beautiful sunsets and long walks. God created this world to be so beautiful, we just have to take the time to see it. Happy Monday friends!

Love and New-ness


Monday, March 17, 2014

Well & Good is OPEN!!

Well & Good OPENS TODAY!!!! You guys, this has been such a long process and I am so glad God has been at the center of all of it. He knew better. We wanted to have the shop up and running by February but God wanted this coffee house to be not just okay, but excellent. So the opening was pushed to March and here we are! With every cup of coffee I create I am representing Christ. With every order I take, every customer's name I remember, every toilet I clean and dish that I wash, I am representing God. I want to work hard, serve graciously, love compassionately and bring joy to this coffee house. Will you help me keep this standard? On the days that I am tired, overwhelmed, stained with coffee and milk will you show me grace but will you remind me of whom I represent and whom I am truly serving? I am humbled to be in this position and am beyond excited to see how God uses me, and how God uses this Coffee Shop to love people and to show them that they matter. Please come and share in our story and in our opening today! Open from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM. 

Pictures below are from the weekend at the Zigenis Wedding. It was a weekend of rest and of fun. Thankful. 



Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Companion Series: Kristin


This is my friend Kristin. Kristin has beautiful dark brown hair and gorgeous olive skin. I met Kristin about 6 months ago at the Antone. Kristin and I spent an afternoon out on the boat dock sharing with each other what the Lord was teaching us. It was that afternoon that I knew I had found a kindred spirit. The ease of our conversation, and her ability to relate to me made it so I let her in easily. I don't always open up right away with people, but Kristin gave me an immediate ease and I knew she was a woman to be trusted. The past 6 months Kristin has been a constant companion and someone I look up to. She has bravery, boldness, sweetness and sass. She speaks freely and honestly with a heart of passion and of elegance. She cares deeply for the relationships in her life and she cares deeply for the poor, the widow and the orphan. Kristin has her eyes set on changing the world, and right now that looks like one cup of coffee at a time with me. See Kristin isn't only a loyal friend, but she is a co-manager with me at Well & Good. As we are growing in our friendship and learning new things about one another I truly believe she is sharpening me. I value Kristin's opinion and I love having deep meaningful conversations with this woman. She asks great questions to get to know you, and she affirms you with her compliments. She has shown me many acts of kindness that have blessed me in tremendous ways. I get to laugh with this woman, wipe down dirty tables with this woman, and grow deeper in love with Jesus with this woman. Man am I blessed.


As of late I think the two of us have learned a lot about one another. We are figuring out how we work in high stress situations, and how to problem solve. We have seen each other in some not so pretty moments, but I know I'm not going anywhere if you aren't?! Thank you for showing me kindness, patience and the ability to be bold. I strive to be as beautiful on the inside as your heart already is. Your pursuit of Christ is inspiring and daring, and I envy these characteristics in you. I have so loved getting to know your heart these past 6 months, and I look forward to learning more about you. I am so grateful you are the one I get to work with at Well & Good, and that you are part of my community. Getting to serve Christ with you and pray for the Tigard community with you is an honor and I am so glad you are the one I am sharing it with. Love you babe!

Love Kate

Monday, March 3, 2014


Loungin' at Well & Good

Lately the Lord has been teaching me trust. My assumption is that trust is not one of those concepts that just clicks in your head and you never struggle with it again. My best guess is that trust is something we constantly hand to the Lord, we take it back into our hands and then once again resubmit it (repeat). I see it in my own life. I hear the whispers from God saying, "Katie, hand it to me. Everything will be alright. Your focus should be on me, not the details." I am realizing even the smallest of details belong to Jesus. Not only does he care about the details, but he is IN the details if and WHEN I trust him. This looks like me giving Him the control. I have started a long dialogue with the Lord with how I attempt to control situations, people, my job, my dating relationships, how clean the house is, my hair. But there is no value in that. Work hard? Yep, absolutely. Be a great friend, daughter, sister, aunt. You bet. That does not mean I get to control these things, these people. It means I need to surrender more and allow God to work in my life by responding to his Spirit in me or sometimes simply listening.

When I have tried to manipulate my life how I want, it never goes according to plan. I can pray and ask God for the desires of my heart, but the crappy thing is we are human and once we receive what we asked for we move on to what is next.

The coffee shop opening was pushed back one more week to Monday March 17th. Control? What a joke! God knows better. That is where the peace, the trust and the truth enters this spiritual math equation. Life, relationships, jobs, lessons; will come when it is time. They will come when God says so, and that is a beautiful picture. The beauty rests with the truth I stand on that is God knows better than I do. He always has, He always will.

Love and Surrender