Monday, March 31, 2014

All the New-ness in My Life

You can insert the "I told you so's" here. I suppose it was in-evan-table.

My baby boy came to visit Auntie at work

Life has been breezing by lately. I honestly have no clue where March went, as we say hello to April tomorrow! I am loving the spring in Oregon as I usually do, and am trying to catch my breath from time to time to intake the new blossoms and the budding trees. I haven't been able to blog as much as I normally like, so I apologize for this delayed update.

The coffee house has been officially opened for two weeks now! Well & Good is such a blessing even though at times I feel pretty exhausted. My body and my schedule are still acclimating to my new working hours. I think the hardest part is finding time for friends, family and Evan. I know you all are being patient with me and I appreciate that, and I also LOVE when you surprise me at the coffee house. What a fun perk to my job. Anytime I come in for a shift, it never fails that friends are sitting by the fireplace, or come in just to say hi and grab a latte to head back to work. I think that might make my job the best ever.

Aside from coffee talk, my sister-in-law is one week away from her due date with baby Max!! Oh my, can't believe how soon our family dynamic will shift once again with a precious new baby boy. I am so excited to see Malachi as a big brother. To watch him learn how to love and protect his newest family member. To teach Max things, and to make Max smile. I can't wait to hold that little baby in my arms and just ooh and ahh over how incredible God's creations are. Being an aunt is the best gift ever.

One of my favorite things about the spring, is Baseball. I need to get tickets to a Beaver game soon. So much fun on a sunny day! Maybe Evan and I could make a day of it. The spring just gets me excited for all of the outdoor activities there are and the pure adventure of it! Hikes, new trails to run on, sporting events, warm evenings with beautiful sunsets and long walks. God created this world to be so beautiful, we just have to take the time to see it. Happy Monday friends!

Love and New-ness


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