Monday, March 3, 2014


Loungin' at Well & Good

Lately the Lord has been teaching me trust. My assumption is that trust is not one of those concepts that just clicks in your head and you never struggle with it again. My best guess is that trust is something we constantly hand to the Lord, we take it back into our hands and then once again resubmit it (repeat). I see it in my own life. I hear the whispers from God saying, "Katie, hand it to me. Everything will be alright. Your focus should be on me, not the details." I am realizing even the smallest of details belong to Jesus. Not only does he care about the details, but he is IN the details if and WHEN I trust him. This looks like me giving Him the control. I have started a long dialogue with the Lord with how I attempt to control situations, people, my job, my dating relationships, how clean the house is, my hair. But there is no value in that. Work hard? Yep, absolutely. Be a great friend, daughter, sister, aunt. You bet. That does not mean I get to control these things, these people. It means I need to surrender more and allow God to work in my life by responding to his Spirit in me or sometimes simply listening.

When I have tried to manipulate my life how I want, it never goes according to plan. I can pray and ask God for the desires of my heart, but the crappy thing is we are human and once we receive what we asked for we move on to what is next.

The coffee shop opening was pushed back one more week to Monday March 17th. Control? What a joke! God knows better. That is where the peace, the trust and the truth enters this spiritual math equation. Life, relationships, jobs, lessons; will come when it is time. They will come when God says so, and that is a beautiful picture. The beauty rests with the truth I stand on that is God knows better than I do. He always has, He always will.

Love and Surrender


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