Monday, March 17, 2014

Well & Good is OPEN!!

Well & Good OPENS TODAY!!!! You guys, this has been such a long process and I am so glad God has been at the center of all of it. He knew better. We wanted to have the shop up and running by February but God wanted this coffee house to be not just okay, but excellent. So the opening was pushed to March and here we are! With every cup of coffee I create I am representing Christ. With every order I take, every customer's name I remember, every toilet I clean and dish that I wash, I am representing God. I want to work hard, serve graciously, love compassionately and bring joy to this coffee house. Will you help me keep this standard? On the days that I am tired, overwhelmed, stained with coffee and milk will you show me grace but will you remind me of whom I represent and whom I am truly serving? I am humbled to be in this position and am beyond excited to see how God uses me, and how God uses this Coffee Shop to love people and to show them that they matter. Please come and share in our story and in our opening today! Open from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM. 

Pictures below are from the weekend at the Zigenis Wedding. It was a weekend of rest and of fun. Thankful. 



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