Monday, April 7, 2014

Companion Series: Mel


Meet Mel. My daring, independent, caring and beautiful friend. Mel and I have a redemptive friendship story. One that has Jesus written all over it. Mel and I decided to be freshman roommates in the dorms at Oregon State (Finley represent). The total time we lasted as roommates was 2 months. We just couldn't do it. We were too different. We were living separate lives. So we decided it was best to part ways. Fast forward to the end of freshman year and I remember receiving a text message from Mel apologizing for how our friendship and living situation hadn't worked out. I was equally apologetic and Mel and I made baby steps forward. The rest of college we never really spent any time together but I would see her on campus or at the gym and we always had a good time catching each other up on our lives. Once I left Corvallis to return home to Portland Mel was getting in touch with me to meet up for coffee. She had just returned home from a summer spent at Washington Family Ranch and she was looking to find friends that were believers like she was. Mel had started walking with the Lord and when we met for coffee it was so apparent that she had. Mel was different. Mel was beautiful. She had a softness to her. I was so excited to be sitting enjoying coffee with a friend of mine who had made the decision to give her life to Christ. She wanted to be plugged in, at church, with friends, with a women's group. I recommended she join Jan's group with me that would be starting that fall and she was in. This is where our real friendship started. Since then I have watched Mel grow into a new woman who is seeking God's will for her life and learning what that looks like. She has a hunger for His truth that she continues to seek after. 

Mel is genuine. Mel is honest. Mel makes me laugh. When we spend evenings together enjoying a glass of wine or watching The Bachelor we can just sit and talk with abandon. Mel draws honesty out of me when I can tend to be a "sugar coater." But this woman is a listener. I love this about her. She asks questions and genuinely wants to hear the answer. She is a cheerleader and she encourages me. I am so grateful she is in my life and I am thankful for the many ways we just laugh and get to enjoy life together. 


I am so proud of the woman you have become because you have let Christ rule your life. Thank you for being someone I can receive honesty from, and someone I can be silly with. My guess is we will still be talking Borat til we're 90 and grey. We are very different from each other but I am thankful for that because I think we learn from each other that way. You are a bold woman and people admire you for that. You also have a sweetness to you that I see more and more in just the simple ways you care for the people in your life. You are certainly loyal . I am grateful for our friendship and grateful that Jesus loves redemptive stories. Our redemptive story is a good one, so thanks for not giving up on me and for helping me be a more honest person. Love you friend. 

Love Kate 


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  2. I am at work tearing up a bit....this made my year! You always have such kind words, and the most unique way of saying them. I love our story, and am in awe by how far we have come. The saying is true; nothing worth cherishing is easy to obtain, and that has our friendship written all over it. I am so thankful for you. Thank you for your encouraging and loving words! I love you! =)