Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life in Fast Forward

Shirls !!

Favorite coffee spot in Corvallis was right down the street from my old house

So many memories in this home

A day off of mowing, reading and sitting in the sunshine

Baby Maximus was born on Thursday!! 

The most precious site. I love these boys with all my heart!!

Last week on one of my days off I got to go to Corvallis to see my old mentor and dear friend Shirley. So great catching up with her and made me feel like I was back in college all over again. Driving into Corvallis I had no idea how nostalgic I was going to get. It was a sunny afternoon and the spring time in Corvallis was always my FAVORITE! The students are all getting excited for the summer and the glimpses of sunshine bring out the best endorphin's. I was such a nerd though. I decided it was a good idea to drive by my old house and take pictures... The people who live there now were probably so creeped out but I just couldn't resist! The memories in that house. The community, the dances, the coffee shared, the board games played. The movie nights, the late night roommate talks. The family dinners, the backyard bonfires. The relationships that were initiated. These are the memories that have changed my life, and I will never forget. (WOW, sorry I just got so sappy!) I haven't even gotten to the part about my brand new NEPHEW!! Thursday morning at 10:00 my second nephew Max was born. My sister in law did so great and was completely natural! She is such a rockstar, and such an incredible mama. She loves the boys so much and it is so incredible to watch Malachi already love on his baby brother. It was so fun getting to babysit Malachi while his mom and dad were at the hospital. I even had a little help from a handsome boyfriend of mine who brought over dinner and flowers. Evan is such a natural with Malachi, it just warmed my heart. The Moon family is immensely blessed. To be an aunt is the best gift of all. Baby Max is perfect and tiny tiny. So in love. 

Life is crazy, but it sure is beautiful. I have decided to get back into the real estate world a little too. I am going to be helping my friend Thomas with his transactions in my "free time." The extra money will be great, but please be praying for my sanity. 

Today is my day off, so I am going to go out in the sunshine and enjoy it. 

Love and Time to Turn Off HGTV


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