Monday, April 28, 2014

New York is ALWAYS a Good Idea

So I'm headed to Washington DC in August to spend time with one of my besties (also she happens to be my cousin) Christian!! Then we are going from DC to New York!! I am going to be such a tourist! So many photos will be taken and so many fun memories will be made with my cousin. Oh and SHOPPING! Already preparing my budget now. Look at me expanding my horizons. Hawaii last year, DC and NY this year! Vacations are so fun to look forward to, and I can't wait to experience what the Eastern side of the US has to offer. I'm glad my cousin has been to NY before so she will know where to take me. I know for sure I want to go for a long run in Central Park and to go see a musical on Broadway would be such a dream come true! Can you tell I'm excited? Maybe just a little bit...
After we experience NY we will head back to DC and I will see all that DC has to offer too!

I am excited to start seeing new places! I have been such a worry wart about traveling, and have been content just staying on the west coast (with a one time trip to Canada, Mexico and Hawaii). I am ready to be more adventurous!

Love and is it August Yet?!


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  1. So excited for you!! You guys will have a blast! Yes! Traveling to new places is a wonderful thing! Love you so much!