Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Companion Series: Shannon


Shannon and I first met serving on Summer Staff with Young Life out at Washington Family Ranch for a month. We were a group of college aged kids who wanted to serve high school and middle school kids by helping run the camp. She was on the zipline/swing crew and I worked in what is called the Sarsaparilla (AKA Sassy) where I served all of the campers fun drinks and treats. Shannon and I didn't have a ton of interaction during that month but shortly after our summer staff realized the vast majority attended Oregon State University Shannon wanted to be a part of our Corvallis crew too. Shannon lived in Washington but decided to make the move to Corvallis to experience the community we had created there. After Shannon started hanging around our group a spot in my house opened up and I knew Shannon was the perfect fit. She moved in for what was my final year at Oregon State and ohhhh the dancing that was had!! This was the year me and my roommates finally got into country line dancing and it was a rare occurrence to come by our 447 house and not find someone in their room trying to learn a new dance. Our house was so awesome. Seriously. Awesome. I miss those days but am so fortunate that Shannon and I have remained close. 

Shannon is extremely artistic. One of the most artistic people I have ever known. I think that based off her tattoos you might put this together already, but she is truly talented. She is such a creative too. She blows me away with her ability to design and imagine, such as when she designed her Halloween costume for last year. She went as cotton candy... She made the whole costume herself and I was in shock it was so well done. Shannon is incredibly witty and she has this amazing ability to go with the flow. She is laid back and she is always game for a good time. Shannon is also one of the most real people I know. She isn't a sugar coater (like I often am). Shannon has also recently gotten into Roller Derby. I think this is a great example of how Shannon is different than any other friend I have ever had. Because of Shannon's tattoos and piercings some might think of her as edgy. Tattoos and piercings tied with Roller Derby might really make people think this but really she is just unique and I love her for that. Shannon is one of the sweetest people with a humor that lies on the sassy side. She is processing through leaving Oregon to Pursue a career in tattooing and as much as I want her to stay here, I get excited for her to figure out what she wants to do in life! 


I am so glad you decided not only to do Summer Staff so we could meet, but I'm also glad you decided to move into our house so our friendship could grow. You made my final year at OSU so much more fun and I will forever look back on those years with a smile on my face. I will never forget coming home from class and either you, me or Adriana had learned a new dance to teach each other. I'm excited to see how God uses you and your creativity to bring Him glory. You are such a light to the people in your immediate circle and to your family. You are a joy to be around and I love just sitting and talking life with you. Thank you for being a friend who cares and a friend who is up for anything! Love you dearly and praying for certainty from the Lord of where he wants you!

Love Katie  

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  1. Wow, I stumbled upon this, what a precious friendship. It's heart warming reading these words about your thoughts about my daughter. You are both blessed to have each other in your lives. Thanks for sharing . Ivy Nichols ;)