Tuesday, May 27, 2014

He Comes to My Rescue

Woke up this morning with what I thought might be the flu. Knowing my mom was at work all day and pretty much unreachable I called my dad. Asked if he would meet me for coffee but as I sat and tried to talk with him I felt more and more sick. (side note: I turn into a 4 year old when I feel sick) Went to my parents house where he fixed up a bed on the couch with me and we sat and talked as much as I was able to. I hate being alone when I'm sick and when your friends and family have lives with full time jobs you pretty much have to be alone. I wish I could go to my sister in laws house but I wouldn't want to get my nephews sick and Lord knows I wouldn't be able to not kiss them...
So here I am still at my parent's house laying low and feeling uncertain about my stomach. I am certain though that my dad so often comes to my rescue. He is a rock for me and I try so hard not to take that for granted. I realize there are many women out there who do not have fathers like mine. They don't have a dad that makes them up a sick bed and meets them for coffee at the drop of a hat. My dad wants to hold my hand and make sure I'm ok. He wants to fix the hurt even if he doesn't know how. It was probably easier to fix hurt when I was little and would just fall down. Grown up hurt is different and less fix-able by dads even if they try really hard. So very grateful for the dad I have, and for my family in general. I would be so very lost without them and I pray not one day goes by where I don't realize that and thank the Lord. 

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