Thursday, June 26, 2014

Companion Series: Katie


Meet Katie. Katie Marie Westfall Campbell. My beautiful Kaddie Lou. Read here about how I met Katie many many years ago.

Katie is a dear friend of mine who I look up to so much. She is wise, slow to anger, detail oriented, sweet, thoughtful, encouraging and extremely loving. Katie has been married for 2 and a half years and recently her and her husband Tim moved to Berkeley California (right outside San Francisco). Katie also just received a full time teaching position at an elementary school in Berkeley!! God answers prayers, and I think he answered Katie's because of what a relentless faithful servant she is.

Katie's husband Tim recently went into remission for the second time in his three year fight with cancer. Katie is brilliantly encouraging in her faith and her dedication to not only her husband but to her relationship with The Lord. Her faith never ceases and her hope always endures. I look up to and respect Katie so much because of her bravery and her relentless optimism. This is not to be mistaken for lack of expressing emotion. Katie will be honest and raw with you, and share how some things in life have not been easy for her. Regardless, she remains positive and outward focused. To explain Katie in one word: Selfless.


You have no idea how much I look up to you (even though you are younger ;) I am constantly amazed at the grace in which you handle situations, relationships, life. You are truly a beauty and you display loveliness with every whisp of your dark brown hair and every encouraging word that comes from your mouth. You know me so very well and can often speak truth into my life that I cannot see about myself. Your joy is contagious and I am beyond thankful for your friendship and sisterhood. Remember that one time we wore our Conestoga Basketball Shirts tucked into our L.E.I jeans with our vans and pigtail french braids to the Z Dance?? Yeah... we will never forget, nor live that down... But regardless there is no one I would rather be a twin with. Thanks for moving in down the street all those years ago. You, Lindsey, Kevin and Alex represented the first real community I had besides family. I am so fortunate to have you in my life and am constantly encouraged by the faith you share with those you meet. You are an amazing wife, sister, daughter, friend, teacher and one day mama. I love you my dear Kaddie Lou.

I want to be brave and fearless like you when I grow up.

Love Kaddie Sue

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