Monday, June 2, 2014

Here's To Never Growing Up

Christian was in town for the weekend!

I do believe summer has arrived friends and there is something about the summer that makes you feel like a kid all over again. Spontaneity coexists with summer and spontaneity doesn't always coexist with being an adult. Perhaps that is why I feel like a kid in the summer. Friends call you up to get happy hour on a nice day or go for a hike and you drop your current plans to have fun in the sun. I also get easily excited about summer time BBQs and floating the river and all the other fun summer time activities. Already so much going on and so many plans in the works! It's fun and it's crazy and the summer always comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Rodeos, concerts, dancing, weddings, and LA at the end of this month!! I had a 3 day weekend scheduled so I immediately called my friend Ali and booked my flight! I always get an LA craving around this time so I'm excited to go to Cali for a quick visit. I have been missing Ali too, looking forward to some Q.T with her. Washington DC and NY is in August, so I just have a lot of fun stuff planned! Bought Zach Brown Band tickets for September, which has been on my bucket list for 3 years! Love the summer time and looking forward to enjoying it. 

Cheers to Summer Time!


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