Tuesday, July 22, 2014

To Simply Be

Last night when I got home from a happy hour date with a friend, I saw the sun was beginning to set. I quickly threw on some tennis shoes and was out the door to take a walk with the Lord. Do you ever take a sunset stroll with God? I don't do it as often as I should but WOW! I walked around Gabriel Park and the sunset was magnificent. I was praying as I went around the loop and on the backside of my loop I sat on "my bench" and just stared at the beauty that was in front of me. It was one of those majestic moments where you feel the power of the Lord enveloping you. I sat with my knees tucked into my chest and just worshiped the Creator. I knew in that half hour as I sat there that the sunset I was gawking at was a gift. It was as if he painted the sky just for me to remind me of how deep His love is. I felt safe, I felt peace I felt adored as I sat with my Jesus. We need moments like these to not only feel alive, but to remember to slow down and become more aware of the gifts the Lord wants to bless us with. We are constantly on the go, but to take a walk and be romanced by the King of the ages is unbelievably priceless. Walk with Him, and listen to what He has to say. Even if they are sweet whispers, they can be heard when we slow down and take our head phones out. I pray my words would inspire you to seek time with Jesus and to just be in His presence. You won't regret it. 

**Disclaimer** These pictures were taken this weekend. I did not take a picture of last night's sunset as I am trying to be in the moment more and less concerned about sharing a photo. 
Sunrise on Jan's Property

Sunrise picture from the Antone this past weekend

**More Antone Pictures from the weekend, to come**

Love and Being in His Presence


Friday, July 11, 2014

Significance Part II

**This blog was written on Monday of this week**

Because I am a dreamer and a creative (like I mentioned in my blog before this) much burden comes with that. As a creative we are filled with thoughts, ideas, pictures, songs, words; Art. Ideas, thoughts enter my mind and I am helplessly and hopelessly controlled by them until I am able to express them in a way that I find meaningful. Sometimes these ideas and thoughts are extremely exhilarating and offer an adrenaline rush like no roller coaster I've ever been on. Other times they frustrate me when I am unable to convey exactly what it is I am thinking. There have been times where I literally make a mental note to sit and ponder a thought that I couldn't at the time explore. This usually looks like sitting and journaling, or just going straight to my laptop to type it out (pretty much what I'm doing now). Words cannot describe the relief I feel when my creativity is expressed in a fashion that I am proud of, and that I felt represented my thoughts well. Writing brings me joy, writing brings me purpose, writing provides me relief.

To sit and write in a place with beauty stamped on every leaf, every bird, every flower brings me more satisfaction than a first kiss. I feel complete, I feel understood, I feel peace. Where I sit now is one of my favorite places I've ever been. I sit and write from the Denney's (family friends) back deck that overlooks The Sister's Mountains. To my left are two golden retrievers, to my right are trees and my cup of coffee. In front are the mountains and chirping birds are the soundtrack to which I write.

I would take great delight in being able to have a mountain cabin someday to escape to and write. To have a home a little ways out of the city with a back deck somewhere with a view and with some privacy. I dream of this back deck that sits up high as I overlook my world, my home, my yard, my children. A place to sit in the morning with bare feet and a cup of coffee. To read my bible, pray, journal and create. A back deck where I share my dreams and my hopes and my whispers from the Lord with a husband who sees into my very heart. Perhaps someday a man will love me enough to find this place for me.

Today is my last day in Redmond and then back to work tomorrow. So grateful for a few days away to relax, nap, and be in the sunshine with loved ones. Less than two weeks and I will be headed to The Antone. This summer is so great! Thank you Jesus for time away, and time with you that is sweet and precious. Thank you for reminding me of my significance in your story, and thank you for showing me through nature and through sweet whispers that I am unbelievably significant to you my Creator.

Love and Feeling Big in this Small World


Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I'm a dreamer, I'm a creative. Being a dreamer is a great thing, but it takes surrender. I think it's important to dream, God wants us to dream! But I think he also wants us to to surrender our dreams so that he can either bless us, or show us what immeasurably more he had in mind. Blessings we could have never dreamed up on our own. We often don't believe in ourselves as much as God does. We think we are not good enough, or we aren't holy enough for God to use us in His story. Someone else is always more equipped, someone else is more versed in the teachings of the Bible. But what if we just surrendered moments to Him that we might be USED by Him?

When I was in California visiting Ali, she had dropped me off at Starbucks while she helped some friends set up a fireworks stand. So I was sitting and reading my Bible drinking a soy hazelnut latte, when a man came up to me and asked if he could borrow my phone. Wanting to help the man I offered that he ask Starbucks for their phone. I learned from years of riding The Max (Portland public transportation) that it is usually not wise to let them borrow your phone. The man looked at me and tears started filling his eyes and he told me he was too embarrassed to ask Starbucks for their phone. He went on to explain that he was a diabetic, he needed more insulin and how he was really down on his luck. I remembered I had a bag of mixed nuts the airlines had given me and so I rummaged for those and handed them to the man. He was grateful and ate them right away. I figured the sugar would help him feel a little better. The man went and sat back down at his table behind mine. I continued reading and he kept wanting to have conversation. I listened to how he had just lost his job and his condo in Azusa and he apologized that he had asked me for help while I was on vacation. I asked him his name and he said it was James. I went inside and bought James a cup of coffee and brought it out to him. With tears in his eyes he gave me a meaningful thank you and I sat back down to continue reading. It was in that moment that I asked the Lord to direct me. I instantly felt convicted that I do not have more scripture memorized. I can easily tell people about Jesus and all he has done for us, but reciting encouraging words, or remembering truths he has promised is something I want to be capable of. I am really trying to work on that. I want to be a woman with scripture written on my heart.

In meeting James I was reminded that we need to be willing to be inconvenienced in our day to love others and to show them they matter. I don't know if James will remember that I bought him a cup of coffee or shared my peanuts, but I hope he felt cared for and loved by the Lord as I listened to his heart and hopefully made him feel significant in this big world. Everyone needs to feel significant, because we are to God.

Love and Significance


Monday, July 7, 2014


These girls... what were we even talking about in this picture?

My sweet beautiful roommate Christina, what would I do without her?!
The Group


Those cowboys tho!

Cousin Time!

The 4th of July I think I can say with sincerity is my second favorite holiday. I was just about to write that it was my first favorite but I would be lying if I said I didn't love Christmas above all else. Christmas is the time I turn into a 5 year old, and also have all these unrealistic romantic expectations (probably due to watching a few too many Hallmark Christmas movies). It's as if I really think a month before Christmas I will meet some man that I dislike at first and then slowly he will win my heart, and propose on Christmas. But hey anything can happen right?! Christmas is magical! OK, enough talk about a holiday that is months from now. The 4th was so much fun this year! Got alot of things/chores done around the house in the morning and just kind of relaxed. Then Christina and I hosted a BBQ at our place a few hours before we left for the rodeo. It was fun getting dressed up for the rodeo and my cousin flew in from DC for the weekend and she spent the 4th with me which is always a delight. The rodeo was fun and the country laid back lifestyle is always fun to partake in for a day. The firework show never ceases to impress and I swear to you every year I get all teary eyed as the song "God Bless the USA," comes on. I get all patriotic and proud but I truly do pay respect to the men and women who have fought and are fighting for our freedom and for the greatness that is The United States of America. We stayed for the barn dance after where I twirled around a few times out there and then we were on our way back home. The next morning my mom and I headed out to Redmond to spend the weekend and that is where I write to you from. More about Redmond later :) Hoping this blog finds you rested on the long weekend and with somewhat of a suntan.

Love and God Bless America


Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Hair, A Trip to California and a Puppy

(Back to Blonde)

Palm Trees Bring me Joy

Fashion Island

But can I have him? Ok ok I didn't buy him, I just borrowed him for the picture, but I love him

Thanks to my dear friend Gina Carelle I am blonde again! The brown was too harsh. Still lots of brown mixed in but I needed some lightness for the summer time. She did such an incredible job I was so excited by the time she finished styling my hair! If you are looking for a hair stylist get ahold of me for her contact info. You won't be mad about it.

I went to California for the weekend to visit my friend Ali. It was such a restful weekend away and full of plenty of sunshine and lots of good time with Ali. We layed by the pool, ate amazing food, went shopping, hung out with her friends and had great conversations like we always do. So thankful for this friend of mine. We met in college at Oregon State and have stayed close ever since. So proud of her and the business she is building (photography) and the fact that she made a life for herself in LA. So fun to visit and glad I decided to take the spontaneous trip.

My biggest fail with this trip was my lack of photos. Man I'm bummed I didn't take more, and the last photo of me and Ali is pathetic. It's literally the only photo we took all weekend!! Ughh. I gotta step up my photography game again.

Can't wait for the 4th though! Big plans with floating the river a BBQ at my house and then headed to the St. Paul Rodeo! What do y'all have planned? Well have a blast and don't forget the sunscreen!!

Love and Giddy Up!