Monday, July 7, 2014


These girls... what were we even talking about in this picture?

My sweet beautiful roommate Christina, what would I do without her?!
The Group


Those cowboys tho!

Cousin Time!

The 4th of July I think I can say with sincerity is my second favorite holiday. I was just about to write that it was my first favorite but I would be lying if I said I didn't love Christmas above all else. Christmas is the time I turn into a 5 year old, and also have all these unrealistic romantic expectations (probably due to watching a few too many Hallmark Christmas movies). It's as if I really think a month before Christmas I will meet some man that I dislike at first and then slowly he will win my heart, and propose on Christmas. But hey anything can happen right?! Christmas is magical! OK, enough talk about a holiday that is months from now. The 4th was so much fun this year! Got alot of things/chores done around the house in the morning and just kind of relaxed. Then Christina and I hosted a BBQ at our place a few hours before we left for the rodeo. It was fun getting dressed up for the rodeo and my cousin flew in from DC for the weekend and she spent the 4th with me which is always a delight. The rodeo was fun and the country laid back lifestyle is always fun to partake in for a day. The firework show never ceases to impress and I swear to you every year I get all teary eyed as the song "God Bless the USA," comes on. I get all patriotic and proud but I truly do pay respect to the men and women who have fought and are fighting for our freedom and for the greatness that is The United States of America. We stayed for the barn dance after where I twirled around a few times out there and then we were on our way back home. The next morning my mom and I headed out to Redmond to spend the weekend and that is where I write to you from. More about Redmond later :) Hoping this blog finds you rested on the long weekend and with somewhat of a suntan.

Love and God Bless America


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