Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Hair, A Trip to California and a Puppy

(Back to Blonde)

Palm Trees Bring me Joy

Fashion Island

But can I have him? Ok ok I didn't buy him, I just borrowed him for the picture, but I love him

Thanks to my dear friend Gina Carelle I am blonde again! The brown was too harsh. Still lots of brown mixed in but I needed some lightness for the summer time. She did such an incredible job I was so excited by the time she finished styling my hair! If you are looking for a hair stylist get ahold of me for her contact info. You won't be mad about it.

I went to California for the weekend to visit my friend Ali. It was such a restful weekend away and full of plenty of sunshine and lots of good time with Ali. We layed by the pool, ate amazing food, went shopping, hung out with her friends and had great conversations like we always do. So thankful for this friend of mine. We met in college at Oregon State and have stayed close ever since. So proud of her and the business she is building (photography) and the fact that she made a life for herself in LA. So fun to visit and glad I decided to take the spontaneous trip.

My biggest fail with this trip was my lack of photos. Man I'm bummed I didn't take more, and the last photo of me and Ali is pathetic. It's literally the only photo we took all weekend!! Ughh. I gotta step up my photography game again.

Can't wait for the 4th though! Big plans with floating the river a BBQ at my house and then headed to the St. Paul Rodeo! What do y'all have planned? Well have a blast and don't forget the sunscreen!!

Love and Giddy Up!


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