Friday, July 11, 2014

Significance Part II

**This blog was written on Monday of this week**

Because I am a dreamer and a creative (like I mentioned in my blog before this) much burden comes with that. As a creative we are filled with thoughts, ideas, pictures, songs, words; Art. Ideas, thoughts enter my mind and I am helplessly and hopelessly controlled by them until I am able to express them in a way that I find meaningful. Sometimes these ideas and thoughts are extremely exhilarating and offer an adrenaline rush like no roller coaster I've ever been on. Other times they frustrate me when I am unable to convey exactly what it is I am thinking. There have been times where I literally make a mental note to sit and ponder a thought that I couldn't at the time explore. This usually looks like sitting and journaling, or just going straight to my laptop to type it out (pretty much what I'm doing now). Words cannot describe the relief I feel when my creativity is expressed in a fashion that I am proud of, and that I felt represented my thoughts well. Writing brings me joy, writing brings me purpose, writing provides me relief.

To sit and write in a place with beauty stamped on every leaf, every bird, every flower brings me more satisfaction than a first kiss. I feel complete, I feel understood, I feel peace. Where I sit now is one of my favorite places I've ever been. I sit and write from the Denney's (family friends) back deck that overlooks The Sister's Mountains. To my left are two golden retrievers, to my right are trees and my cup of coffee. In front are the mountains and chirping birds are the soundtrack to which I write.

I would take great delight in being able to have a mountain cabin someday to escape to and write. To have a home a little ways out of the city with a back deck somewhere with a view and with some privacy. I dream of this back deck that sits up high as I overlook my world, my home, my yard, my children. A place to sit in the morning with bare feet and a cup of coffee. To read my bible, pray, journal and create. A back deck where I share my dreams and my hopes and my whispers from the Lord with a husband who sees into my very heart. Perhaps someday a man will love me enough to find this place for me.

Today is my last day in Redmond and then back to work tomorrow. So grateful for a few days away to relax, nap, and be in the sunshine with loved ones. Less than two weeks and I will be headed to The Antone. This summer is so great! Thank you Jesus for time away, and time with you that is sweet and precious. Thank you for reminding me of my significance in your story, and thank you for showing me through nature and through sweet whispers that I am unbelievably significant to you my Creator.

Love and Feeling Big in this Small World


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  1. God is Good...All the time!!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!