Friday, August 29, 2014

Companion Series: Christian


This is my cousin Christian. She is sweet, and loving and so very generous with her time and attention. I flew home Monday night from a week spent with this girl on the East Coast. My cousin moved to Washington DC two years ago to pursue her passions in politics and with helping people who cannot help themselves. Christian is one of the hardest working women I have ever known. She is currently pursuing her Masters at George Mason in DC, while she works for the United States Treasury. 

Growing up our family has always been really close. We are a small family but we all care so much for one other. She has taught me how much family matters and has shown me the ways she makes family a priority in her life. As Christian and I got older the more we realized that not only were we family but we had really developed a deep friendship. Christian is someone I call on a frequent basis to ask advice and share highs and lows with. She is quick to pray for me, and to remind me to come back to Earth from time to time. She listens when I need to express myself, and she helps level me out. 

My cousin is someone everyone is friends with. The kind of woman people look up to and want to be like. She works hard for things she has earned but is never quick to take all the credit. She is a prayer warrior and someone who thanks the Lord for the blessings in her life. She has had to overcome obstacles in her life but it has never threatened her character it has only solidified who she is and the kindness that is inside her heart. She is strong, she is brave, she is full of adventure and she is selfless. 

We are not far apart in age, but I look up to her like an older sister. We are very different, but I am thankful for that because she demonstrates characteristics I value. Her ability to process and be patient. Her ability to think logically makes me think twice when I want to act out of emotion. I am so very thankful that she is stuck with me (because we share blood...) and I am also so thankful that we get to be friends. I look forward to family functions, and I look forward to raising our families together. She is beautiful, smart, compassionate and full of grace. We laugh together and we help each other through the highs and lows of life. While we were in New York a man on the street passed us and asked if we were sisters. I consider that a compliment and I am always so proud to introduce my cousin and to show her off. Does that sound weird? Hmmm I could see how that would sound weird but I mean it with the best of intentions. 

Christian my Boo Boo Bear,

Thank you for loving me for the sometimes emotional, over the top, creative minded, can we take another photo, at times indecisive, dance-aholic, runner, arthritis in my knees can we walk slower, I need coffee, weirdo that I am. You are my ally, you are my laughing buddy,  my friend who I can be utterly honest with and you are my family. I am proud of you for the way you live your life and how you take chances. I am happy to see the way you follow your dreams and how you fit in so well in DC. I loved that we got to spend a week together even if you live in the ghetto.. (KIDDING!!!!) I honestly don't know what I would do without you, and you are the closest thing I have to a sister (besides Summer of course!) Excited to see what God has in store ahead for you in this life. I welcome you back to Portland with open arms (Thank you Travis!!). Lets keep living this crazy life together, thank you for holding my hand and for taking such good care of me. I love you so very much, and thank God for you continually. 

All my love,


Monday, August 18, 2014

East Coast Whats Up?!

Going to see this girl tomorrow in Washington DC! Then Thursday we are on our way to New York to see all things Central Park related, Broadway related and Times Square related. Time to dust off my black cocktail dress and locate my black heels. This girl is getting dressed up for her first time on Broadway!! See you all when I return with exciting East Coast insight.

P.S Remember the part where I dislike flying? Pray for an anti anxiety filled flight for me will you? Thanks!

Love and Cheers to a Historical, exciting Vacation!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Update

Summer always goes by so fast. It's as though I prepare myself when June comes around that if I blink it will be September and I will be drinking pumpkin spice lattes. Not a ton to catch you up on, just been taking little trips and  Here are some pictures from the summer so far. I'm flying to Washington DC in a week for my last summer vacation. Looking forward to exploring history and seeing and experiencing new things with my cousin!  


Antone Ranch

At Departure Lounge- The guy in the background plays a cop on the show "Grimm" I was a little excited...

Ladies Night with my Roomie

Finally took my car to get fixed after my accident, this beauty was my rental. Felt like quite a boss for a week

Margaritas with my bestie, love this woman

Finally we were reunited to Dance!

Hiked Angels Rest in the Gorge

God's Handiwork is Marvelous

Done this hike many times, but still every time I am amazed at how beautiful God created Oregon

Love and Summer