Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Update

Summer always goes by so fast. It's as though I prepare myself when June comes around that if I blink it will be September and I will be drinking pumpkin spice lattes. Not a ton to catch you up on, just been taking little trips and  Here are some pictures from the summer so far. I'm flying to Washington DC in a week for my last summer vacation. Looking forward to exploring history and seeing and experiencing new things with my cousin!  


Antone Ranch

At Departure Lounge- The guy in the background plays a cop on the show "Grimm" I was a little excited...

Ladies Night with my Roomie

Finally took my car to get fixed after my accident, this beauty was my rental. Felt like quite a boss for a week

Margaritas with my bestie, love this woman

Finally we were reunited to Dance!

Hiked Angels Rest in the Gorge

God's Handiwork is Marvelous

Done this hike many times, but still every time I am amazed at how beautiful God created Oregon

Love and Summer


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