Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Companion Series: Cayly


Meet my friend Cayly. I met Cayly about 4 years ago when Summer (my now sister-in-law) had just started dating my brother. Cayly and Summer were roommates. I don't exactly remember when it was that we really became friends, but I don't think it was long after we met. She was so easy to get to know, and we bonded quickly, most likely over line dancing. If I had only one word to describe this friend of mine, the word would be lovely. Cayly's natural curly blonde hair, the smell of her perfume, the grace to which she walks is so very lovely. Her smile is effortless and her talents are many. Her singing is melodic and her dancing is seamless. This girl rides the surf, and oh by the way is starting her own photography business! Truly a jack of all trades. But what most stands out in my friend Cayly is her ability to care for others and her need for you to know that being yourself is the best way to live your life. As I have had a rather rough summer, Cayly was one of my friends that was there to listen, comfort and encourage. She is always telling me that to be myself, is to be the most beautiful version.
Cayly is a down-for-whatever kind of girl, and a big sports lover. She is a beauty but one that isn't afraid of getting a little muddy sometimes with the guys. This girl is confident and honest and so very trustworthy.


I am so thankful for your friendship. In this season, I have loved getting to know more about your heart and I am grateful we have been there to encourage each other. I believe the Lord brings people together to encourage and build up, and you have done just that for me. You are full of fun and excitement and I love that you are down for an adventure around any corner. Our friendship is rich and we are bonded by our creative brains. An afternoon of sipping coffee and talking life with you is an afternoon well spent. Thank you for being a woman of prayer, and a woman that I hold dear to my heart as I share my heart with you. Love you dear friend.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

That Concrete Jungle

New York was incredible!!! It was overwhelming, overstimulating, captivating, majestic, beautiful, everything and nothing like I expected. We took the bus from DC to NY and just 4 hours into our morning drive I saw the skyscrapers. I immediately lit up inside as I slowly watched one of my dreams come into focus. I think even Jay-Z was quietly playing in the background as we got closer and closer into the city. We dropped our luggage at the hotel and we were out the door to explore this exhilarating place. We walked all around Manhattan and explored Times Square. Times Square was awesome but also not quite as exciting as I had hoped it would be. Still fun to see it, but not quite what I thought it would be. We were so exhausted from all of our walking that day that it was nice to go back to the hotel and grab dinner and get a good nights rest for our busy day the next day. Friday we were off to Central Park!! I knew I wanted to spend the majority of my day there and so we did! My cousin was so patient with me as I took in all that it had to offer. This park is so beautiful and so much more amazing than it is portrayed in any tv show or movie. Christian and I ran in the park and walked all over taking pictures, and then stopped for a cafe au lait at Le Pain Quotidien. This cute cafe (it is a chain) that sat right in the middle of the park. We ate a pastry and sipped coffee and I got to just take in the fact that I was actually sitting in Central Park... in NEW YORK!! Such a dream come true. We left the park got on the subway and headed home to get ready for our evening spent on Broadway! We showered and did our makeup and hurried over to the DryBar to get our hair professionally done! It was so fun, and then we were whisked away in a taxi to see all that Wicked had to offer! It was an amazing musical. There was a point in the musical where I thought to myself "I know what true joy is." That experience was unlike anything I had ever witnessed before. It was magical, and it also took everything within me to not run on that stage and start singing along. Quick Overview: Times Square= It's Aight; Central Park= AMAZING; Wicked= JOY. I can't wait to see more musicals in the future. It is worth the money. Believe me. Saturday we took the subway to Soho. It was a fun, fancy place to shop. We looked around there for awhile and then it was time to head back to catch out bus home. A short trip in NY, but meaningful and exciting none the less. You have to visit! 

My Chucks and I saw the sights

Yep Times Square Folks

Had to document my NY outfit

Dinner our first night in NY


And then we got our hair done...
For WICKED!!!!!!!!

Love and Where Dreams are Made


Thursday, September 4, 2014

An Exciting Offer for this Blogger!

I received an email Tuesday morning from a company called eShakti. The company asked me if I would be willing to model their clothing and write a review with complete writer's freedom. I am so excited! They sent me to a website to pick out what I would like to model and they are sending it to me next week. After looking at their website for a good while, I can honestly say it was hard for me to choose because I liked so many of their dresses and wedding season is just beginning for me. So check back in a week or so and I will have pictures and an honest review waiting for you. In the meantime I have attached a link to their website so you can look at what they have. Their dresses are completely customized if you so choose, or you can order the dress as it is advertised. I will go into more detail soon. Just wanted to share this fun and unexpected excitement with you!

Love and Since When Did People Care About What Katie Moon is Wearing...?


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PDX to DC to NY: Next I Take Paris

By now most of you know that I have a love/hate relationship with flying. I love all the romantic notions that are tied up into flying, but often find that the actual practice of flying turns out differently than how they make it out on television. I find that flying in reality often leaves me anxiety ridden, lonely and five years old. Once I am seated on the plane and can take a deep breath it's as if my inner child comes out in full force. I suddenly wish that I had tums in my carry-on, lots and lots of water, cool air on my face and I would love for a stewardess to sit next to me and hold my hand so I can pretend she is my mom. Every time I fly these feelings lessen which I count as HUGE progress! 

On my flight home from DC to PDX, I had scheduled a lay over in Chicago which I do on purpose so that I can take my flights in smaller doses. Helps with the anxiety of it all. However my flight from DC to Chi Town was delayed by 3 hours due to thunderstorms which meant a missed connecting flight for me to get back to Portland. I was in distress as I quickly had to look up other options to get home. I found a non-stop that was flying out of DC just 3 hours later, but did you hear me? A NON-STOP!!! As in, 5.5 hours of straight flying. No getting off, no stretching your legs, forced use of the bathroom on the plane and finding ways to distract yourself once your lap top dies. I was nervous, but also realized that the alternative was to arrive after midnight Portland time, (3:00 AM east coast time), or spend another night in DC and find someone to cover my Tuesday shift at the coffee shop. Yeah, I took the non-stop. And you know what? I DID IT!!!!! I made it, and with little to no anxiety. The barf bag remained unused, and I kept myself occupied without the use of a stewardess rubbing my back telling me it will all be ok as I slowly rock myself back and forth. VICTORY was mine that day. This was big for me, and encourages me more in my desire to travel especially internationally. I can do it! 

The pictures below are of my first day in Washington DC. We saw the sights: The Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. DC is a fun and exciting place, with many more pictures to come!

What I wore on the plane (This is important...) 

There was a small museum inside the Memorial of pictures taken from the war

Love and DC Part I