Thursday, September 4, 2014

An Exciting Offer for this Blogger!

I received an email Tuesday morning from a company called eShakti. The company asked me if I would be willing to model their clothing and write a review with complete writer's freedom. I am so excited! They sent me to a website to pick out what I would like to model and they are sending it to me next week. After looking at their website for a good while, I can honestly say it was hard for me to choose because I liked so many of their dresses and wedding season is just beginning for me. So check back in a week or so and I will have pictures and an honest review waiting for you. In the meantime I have attached a link to their website so you can look at what they have. Their dresses are completely customized if you so choose, or you can order the dress as it is advertised. I will go into more detail soon. Just wanted to share this fun and unexpected excitement with you!

Love and Since When Did People Care About What Katie Moon is Wearing...?


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