Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Companion Series: Cayly


Meet my friend Cayly. I met Cayly about 4 years ago when Summer (my now sister-in-law) had just started dating my brother. Cayly and Summer were roommates. I don't exactly remember when it was that we really became friends, but I don't think it was long after we met. She was so easy to get to know, and we bonded quickly, most likely over line dancing. If I had only one word to describe this friend of mine, the word would be lovely. Cayly's natural curly blonde hair, the smell of her perfume, the grace to which she walks is so very lovely. Her smile is effortless and her talents are many. Her singing is melodic and her dancing is seamless. This girl rides the surf, and oh by the way is starting her own photography business! Truly a jack of all trades. But what most stands out in my friend Cayly is her ability to care for others and her need for you to know that being yourself is the best way to live your life. As I have had a rather rough summer, Cayly was one of my friends that was there to listen, comfort and encourage. She is always telling me that to be myself, is to be the most beautiful version.
Cayly is a down-for-whatever kind of girl, and a big sports lover. She is a beauty but one that isn't afraid of getting a little muddy sometimes with the guys. This girl is confident and honest and so very trustworthy.


I am so thankful for your friendship. In this season, I have loved getting to know more about your heart and I am grateful we have been there to encourage each other. I believe the Lord brings people together to encourage and build up, and you have done just that for me. You are full of fun and excitement and I love that you are down for an adventure around any corner. Our friendship is rich and we are bonded by our creative brains. An afternoon of sipping coffee and talking life with you is an afternoon well spent. Thank you for being a woman of prayer, and a woman that I hold dear to my heart as I share my heart with you. Love you dear friend.


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