Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PDX to DC to NY: Next I Take Paris

By now most of you know that I have a love/hate relationship with flying. I love all the romantic notions that are tied up into flying, but often find that the actual practice of flying turns out differently than how they make it out on television. I find that flying in reality often leaves me anxiety ridden, lonely and five years old. Once I am seated on the plane and can take a deep breath it's as if my inner child comes out in full force. I suddenly wish that I had tums in my carry-on, lots and lots of water, cool air on my face and I would love for a stewardess to sit next to me and hold my hand so I can pretend she is my mom. Every time I fly these feelings lessen which I count as HUGE progress! 

On my flight home from DC to PDX, I had scheduled a lay over in Chicago which I do on purpose so that I can take my flights in smaller doses. Helps with the anxiety of it all. However my flight from DC to Chi Town was delayed by 3 hours due to thunderstorms which meant a missed connecting flight for me to get back to Portland. I was in distress as I quickly had to look up other options to get home. I found a non-stop that was flying out of DC just 3 hours later, but did you hear me? A NON-STOP!!! As in, 5.5 hours of straight flying. No getting off, no stretching your legs, forced use of the bathroom on the plane and finding ways to distract yourself once your lap top dies. I was nervous, but also realized that the alternative was to arrive after midnight Portland time, (3:00 AM east coast time), or spend another night in DC and find someone to cover my Tuesday shift at the coffee shop. Yeah, I took the non-stop. And you know what? I DID IT!!!!! I made it, and with little to no anxiety. The barf bag remained unused, and I kept myself occupied without the use of a stewardess rubbing my back telling me it will all be ok as I slowly rock myself back and forth. VICTORY was mine that day. This was big for me, and encourages me more in my desire to travel especially internationally. I can do it! 

The pictures below are of my first day in Washington DC. We saw the sights: The Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. DC is a fun and exciting place, with many more pictures to come!

What I wore on the plane (This is important...) 

There was a small museum inside the Memorial of pictures taken from the war

Love and DC Part I 

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