Thursday, October 30, 2014

Companion Series: Shauna


This is my dear friend Shauna. Shauna and I met in college at Oregon State when I was going into my junior year. I had decided to lead Young Life at Corvallis High and Shauna was a leader there. I don't think I have ever so quickly become friends with someone like I did with Shauna. I still remember this one afternoon she called me and asked to stop by my house. She came over because she was excited to tell me news about a boy :) The way I remember it was that we were pretty inseparable after that afternoon. Shauna and I developed very quickly an ability to be honest and vulnerable with each other. We did ministry together and we just enjoyed life together. Tots and a beer at McMenamins was our thing once a week. I was so appreciative of what a kindred spirit I had found in her because I did not have a ton of friends that were believers in Corvallis. My junior year at Oregon State was hands down my favorite year at school because of the friendships, the community and the support I had. Shauna was there for all of it. 

For those of you that know Shauna, you know how loving and kind she is. This woman has more friends than anyone I know because she is so alluring in her ability to love others well. She truly has an infectious way about her that makes you joyful when you're around her. She is incredibly positive and life giving. You spend 20 minutes with this woman you will have inside jokes for days. Shauna loves people well, and does an incredible job of making them feel special and important. 

Shauna has dedicated years of her life to serving children and teens in Slovenia. I remember when Shauna and I sat and had coffee in Corvallis one afternoon at Dutch Bros, she told me that she was likely going to go do missions in Slovenia right after graduation. It was such a flood of emotions because I was excited for her to serve the Lord, and to do that in a country she had such passion and love for. On the flip side (my selfish side) I was devastated because one my closest friends who I only had spent 1 year with was leaving!! Shauna left at the end of winter in 2011 and came back a couple of times for different reasons. Thanks to Skype we could stay in touch. Shauna's time in Slovenia came to a close (at least for now) this summer, and she moved home in September. She won't be here long because a certain Irish man has her heart in England. However I am cherishing this time that I have her here and am so thankful for this woman. 

Shauna Pants,

I love you so very much. College would not have been the same without you. You just have a way about you that makes people feel so comfortable around you. It is truly a gift and you allow the Lord to use that in your life to bless others. I love our inside jokes (mostly Shes The Man references). You are so caring and gentle in nature. You are a sports fan and a supportive daughter and sister. I love laughing with you and reminiscing about the college years. I'm excited you are home so we can make new memories and I am so thrilled to see what is to come for you as you move into a new season in Wales. Who knows, Wales just might be my first international experience!! Thank you for 5 years of precious friendship, I love you sweet friend. 

Love Katie Girl

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