Monday, November 24, 2014

Companion Series: Summer

Summer: Disclaimer!! She's reallllly pretty, but she's Mawwied so don't get any ideas!

This is my sister in law Summer. I really want to convey how truly blessed I am to have this woman in my family. I make jokes pretty regularly about how she is stuck with me and that she has no choice but to be my friend because I share blood with her children... I laugh but then I look right at her to make sure there is an underlying understanding that seriously she is stuck with me...

I first met Summer at my brother's house in 2010 when Ben had just purchased his house and he was throwing a house warming party. I had been away at Oregon State and wasn't up to date with who my brother hung out with, so the majority of people I met that day were all new to me. One girl in particular stood out to me and that was Summer. She stood out partly because of her undeniable beauty, and partly because of how hard it seemed to me that she was trying... Trying to help host, and trying to talk to me. I wasn't all that interested in getting to know her. I was strangely protective of my brother and wasn't ready to accept a new girl hanging out with him. I learned quickly that my brother liked this girl. I will never forget when Ben asked me to go for a walk with him and Summer in Summer Lake Park. I was reserved and a bit stand-offish at first but I realized that she was pretty like-able and in no time I found myself setting up coffee dates and shopping dates with this girl that my brother was dating way out of his league (love you Brudder ;).

Summer is loyal. I think that is one of my favorite ways to describe her. She is the friend that will have your back no matter what. She can be fierce in a way that gets her point across and gives you respect for how honest she is. I know she is on my team. She is also incredibly encouraging. When I need to vent or be encouraged Summer is the one I go to. In the moments where I have given up or I want to quit, she reminds me of my gifts and my talents. She is always there when I need her. She is the big sister I never had. She gives me her hand-me-down clothes... so duh we are officially sisters! I am 100% myself with her and I seriously feel as though she knows me better than I know myself, which goes to show how perceptive she is.

Aside form being a great sister, she is also an incredible wife and mother. She loves her boys. She is so good at playing with them and she is so nurturing. She takes good care of my brother and keeps the family together and functioning. Summer has been the best addition to our family. The Moon's would not be the same without her. She brings so much laughter and joy and completeness to our family. We are so blessed to have her, our family is so close to complete (lets not talk about me though and my part in that...hahaha).

Seester Pants,

Writing this Companion Post was harder than I thought because my love for you is so deep and unconditional that it is hard to express that fully in writing. As every year passes, I grow more in love with the woman you are and am shown what strength it takes to be a wife and mom to your caliber. I am beyond thankful for your example and for your selflessness in our relationship and with our family. I learn so much from you, and am so grateful of your example. It brings me so much happiness to have a sister and one that I genuinely enjoy spending time with. You make me laugh and your kindness towards others is so infectious. Thank you for the many times you have just sat and listened and encouraged. Our family would not be the same without you. Loves you very much!!

Love, Seester

P. S This one below is by far my favorite ;)

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