Monday, November 17, 2014

Life in Your Twenties...

Life in your twenties means CHANGE!!!! It is a rarity to stay in the same job for a year or more. Living in the same place for a year or more. Living with the same people for a year or more. Dating the same person for a year or more. Having the same group of friends for a year or more. What the heck?!?! No wonder my generation is so hopped up on anxiety medication! We graduated high school, we were told to attend college, so we did. They promised us jobs in the field we got our degree in (not an actuality). So we seek jobs, we don't like the job, we don't make enough, we change our mind, something better comes along, and BOOM: Change. Our roommates get engaged and BOOM: Change. Our friends get married and BOOM: Change. You break up and BOOM: Change. The only thing constant in your twenties is CHANGE. I'm exhausted. On the better days I can look at it as exciting, and yes some change is. Some change is very good and very necessary. I think that constant circumstantial change definitely makes you place your trust in God, that he will see you through it all. It creates dependence on him. I do want to throw a but in here though... I am looking forward to some settling in.

I recently took a new job. I had to say goodbye to the coffee shop, and am currently working as a leasing consultant for a property management company in Lake Oswego. So this girl is back to pencil skirts and heels. I am moving as well (more to come on this). Change, change and more change. Choosing to trust the Lord through these darn ever-changing twenties. I hear your thirties are where it's at.. ! God is good. I want to look today at how I can be used and to focus on the blessings in my life.

Cheers to embracing change and for this planner hugging A-Type personality to let go and let GOD!

Love and Embracing Change


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