Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Add Another Candle

As you get older birthdays seem to come eerily sooner than the year before. It seems I was just writing you all of my hopes and dreams for 2014 and here I sit to tell you of what I dream for 2015.  To be honest, adjusting to the idea of being a 26 year old is a little crazy to me. I'm now closer to 30 than I am 20 and my twenties seem to be blinking away from me.

Here is my favorite blog post from last year.  Also one of my favorite things from this year has been my Companion Series. I had a dream/ vision of how I wanted that series to turn out and I am so happy with how it all came together. I sadly missed My Companion Post for the month of July, but I successfully completed 11 months of highlighting some of my favorite people. 11 of the most lovely women I know. There are people I would have liked to have featured but due to geography it made it difficult. Thank you to all of my companion series friends, you are so special to me.

I'm not going to recap 2014 this time, but as per usual I have listed below my mostly accomplished goals from this year and my dreams and goals for 2015.


-Settle into a job I love (November)
-Fall more in love with Jesus (Overall true of the year from learning and listening to him)
-Be living in community (Lake Oswego Young Life September)
-Run at least 2 half marathons (This I failed, decided it was best to take time off for my knees)
-Fly to at least 1 place (June: California; August: Washington DC/ New York)
-Memorize scripture weekly (Failed this too, I SUCK AT MEMORIZING!!! I need to be better, I want to be better!!)
-Better my photography for my blog (I am excited about how my photography was bettered for my blog even if it is just with an i-phone)
-Be selfless with my time (Young Life)
-Be better at graciously and effectively speaking up for myself (...still learning hahaha)
-Be better at encouraging the people in my life that I love (Guess you would have to ask my loved ones)


-Stay with the same company for a minimum of a year
-Run at least one half marathon
-Focus more on my fashion passion for my blog
-Start a bible study with my Young Life girlies
-Grow closer in community with my YL leaders
-Do something I have never done before (I realize this is vague and that is on purpose)
-Go somewhere I've never been before
-Try lots of new recipes!
-Invite new people over for dinner
-Keep the same hair color for a full year (This will be a struggle)
-Go to a Timbers Game
-Go to a Seattle Mariners Game
-Plan my trip to PARIS!!

Wishing you the bubbliest of New Years'. May 2015 bring you clarity into the things that matter most in this life, and praying you experience love from the one who created you and who loves you more than you know.

Love and Two- Six



  1. Hey, I'm Jordan. I was just praying about various aspects of my future and that I be receptive to what The Lord tries to tell me. Anyway, after the prayer I went onto tinder. Your profile popped up first and I read your bio, briefly checked out your blog here and have come to two conclusions. One being that everything happens for a reason and God knows His plans for us. And two being if the first state my is true, then He wanted me to meet you. I also write (published for poetry, strive for a novel or two one day) and I also love The Lord. He seems to be the focal pint of your life and that is refreshing. Hopefully that wasn't too much to take in at once haha. Just wanted to introduce myself. Considering I may not remember to check your blog periodically for a response, feel free to text me at 503-577-2276. No I'm not I stalker I promise. Haha

  2. So many grammatical and spelling errors, sorry just woke up. Haha