Saturday, December 27, 2014

Companion Series: Adriana

Meet Adriana: Big thanks and photo cred/ creative direction from my cousin Leah Wailes.

 This is Adriana Derrah. Formally a Jasso, but a man named Ryan decided to put a ring on it. He saw the quality of this lady back in high school and snatched her up. (Insert all of the deeps signs from all the young men reading this because they realize they missed out). Adriana plays a big part in my coming back to Christ, and for her I am truly grateful. Continue reading for the full story.

I met Adriana I think officially in middle school. She was the cool hot girl at Conestoga. We weren't friends by any means because she was a grade older and I think I would have cramped her style. But in high school she was really involved in Young Life and once I had gone to Young Life camp I was determined to be involved too. I thought Adriana was hilarious and our friendship was solidified when we took a group of middle schoolers to a weekend camp at Breakaway. We bonded over Kelly Clarkson and Ciara... We were cool, I swear. From there on out Adriana and I were good friends but it wasn't until college that we became really close. My freshman year at Oregon State was wrapping up and Ryan (Adriana's boyfriend at the time) was telling me how Adriana was transferring from Pacific University to come to OSU. I jumped on that quick and called Adriana up to see if she would be interested in living together and she said YES! We quickly found an apartment and moved in before the start of my sophomore year in 2008. LONG STORY SHORT------> I was in the middle of my party times. I was choosing to not walk with the Lord while Adriana just loved me and was a constant example of Christ in my life. By the spring of my sophomore year I had given up my party days, and toxic friendships and decided it was time I stopped running from the Lord. I had made few friends my freshman year that impacted my life in a positive way and so I quickly discovered that a very best friend was right under my nose. Adriana and I started doing everything together. Cooking, exercising, watching movies and boy oh boy was there dancing in that cute little apartment of ours. She made me laugh, she built me up and we encouraged one another. I was such a goofus for not realizing it sooner! From that point on we did Summer Staff together and then spent two more glorious years living together in Corvallis and growing an even deeper bond. Adriana was my community before I understood what that meant. She was the one I was silly with, and the one I would bring coffee to in the morning so I could wake her up to talk to me. You see Adriana is special to me because she helped me realize what was important in life, and she also made everything better by making me laugh. I will let you in on a secret... if you make me laugh, you will have a piece of my heart. Well lets just put it this way... Adriana holds many pieces of my heart.

Adriana is so full of life. She is incredibly thoughtful in the ways she gives gifts and in the way she goes out of her way to make you feel loved and appreciated. She is loyal in the "I have your back way." In the "Oh no you didn't **shake your finger back and forth** way. In the "you hurt my friend you deal with me," kind of way. Adriana is an incredible dancer!! She is brilliant and has the most amazing memory. She is the craftiest person I know and will plan my wedding some day. She is compassionate and loving. In college Adriana would (somewhat often) find me crying over my scheduling issues. Instead of just saying she was sorry and going about her day, she would stop what she was doing and immediately turn into my college advisor. She would register me for classes and remind me that I was not only capable but that I was talented. I honest to goodness believe that Adriana was very purposely placed in my life by God to help me through the hard stuff. And you know what's so fun? Adriana picked ME to stand beside her at her wedding as her Maid of Honor to watch her marry her best friend and love.


You are irreplaceable. You are my best friend. You are a wonderful, caring wife. I love the ways you selflessly consider others. Thank you for loving me well, and understanding when I say things I don't mean. Thank you for helping me graduate college haha! But seriously... Some times I wish you weren't married so that we could still be roommates (Sorry Ryan). I miss the days of early coffee talks, and coming home to you teaching me a new line dance. You are part of my favorite memories from college, memories that I will probably lose sight of and then in our old age you will remind me of. I love your "down for anything" attitude. I love playing volleyball with you and I love doing nothing with you. You are going to make the most amazing mama someday. The kind of mama that is compassionate and patient. A mama who teaches her children about Jesus and models how to love others well. I can't wait to be an auntie to those babies whenever that is. I love you so very dearly my friend. Thank you for many years of beautiful friendship. Cheers to many more!

Love Katie

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  1. Aw Katie - it was such a joy to read your thoughts and memories of you and Adriana. You are a wonderful person and I am happy you and she are such good friends!